Thursday, May 08, 2008

Luc, You're Mine!

The Hermano saw my blog post about not wanting to spend $40 on sponsoring Luc Robitaille on and did what every good older brother would do: give me an early birthday gift by paying for my blog to sponsor Luc!

He also decided to sponsor Dustin Brown and Kelly Hrudey with his non-hockey related blog, Tacos y Ramen. Hrudey is probably one of his most favorite goaltenders so I completely understood that sponsorship and I guess he has some kind of mancrush for Brownie.

Some might say, "What a stupid birthday gift!" But you don't understand the gift-giving dynamic between us. Our birthdays fall within 10 days of each other so every birthday month and Christmas we ask each other what we want (usually a DVD, book, or gift card) and that's what we buy. There's usually no suspense in what the other one bought and frankly, that's what I like. I would hate to feign happiness about a shitty gift my brother gave me and it makes the gift-buying process very easy. Usually I'll ask for something that I want but just haven't gotten around to buying, either because I can't justify buying it for myself (i.e., sponsoring Luc) or I know it'll be an easy gift for someone else to buy me. Regardless, it's always something that I want and am happy to receive, which is why when my hermano told me he sponsored Luc for me, I laughed my ass off (because I couldn't believe he did it) and was entirely ecstatic.

All I can say is, "Thanks, Hermano!" It's good to see that he's using his salary from his over-paying job to show our support for the LA Kings.

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Cat said...

I need to sponsor some Stars' pages.