Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sacrilege for The Burgh

Those of you who know me also know that I'm not one for stats. However, I do find trends interesting. So, following an interesting one, here's how the Pittsburgh Penguins could beat my Flyers.

Bench Cindy!

That's right. The Flyers won the regular season Battle of Pennsylvania with the Penguins this year (5-3). And you know what? We generally won when Sid the Kid played. See:

11/07: Flyers win with Sid
11/10: Flyers win with Sid
12/11: Flyers win with Sid
1/24: Flyers win without Sid
2/10: Pens win without Sid
3/16: Pens win without Sid
4/02: Pens win with Sid
4/06: Flyers win without Sid

You know who really gives us trouble? Evgeni Malkin.

Of course, we all know that stats and trends aren't as important in the playoffs.

Best of luck to Ellie and Elly (and Teka, too)!

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[5/06 Note: Thanks, Blogger, for your regular nightly failure that ate my corrections. Argh!]


Ellie said...

Ah the age old question of the season - "do we really need sidney crosby...?"

malkin does seem to shine more when sid is not around. although i really enjoy watching both of them play. so i'm gonna say he's a keeper!

good luck to you too Nadine! could the hockey gods have come up with a better match for the east?? i don't think so!!

Elly said...

It's funny to see just how well the Pens do without their newest patron saint, but I've gotta agree with Ellie, I think we'll keep him. :)

Just an hour to go! I can't wait, what an epic series this is going to be!