Thursday, May 08, 2008

Friday Five

1.) Beach or mountains?
2.) Which newspaper(s) do you read? (Either online or in print)
3.) What do you plan to do during the hockey off season to keep yourself occupied?
4.) Favorite form of procrastination?
5.) Who is the most entertaining player on your team?

PS, does anyone know why my posts keep getting messed up and some of the type isn't showing up or it's really tiny?


Dare said...

1. Mountains. Hiking FTW!

2. On a regular basis? Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun (*sigh*), Toronto Star, Globe and Mail.

3. Ref hockey, play hockey.

4. Oh man...I have to pick one? Video games, downloaded TV shows, surfing random blogs - those are the three that seem to most commonly win my procrastinating favour.

5. Jiri Tlusty.

...Were we talking playing style?

Seriously though, I didn't find many/any Leafs all that entertaining this year. Go figure.

k.m.stiles said...


2. Yahoo! and the LA Times

3. Read hockey books and organize my hockey card collection

4. Anything but work.

5. Kopitar...he's just so amazing.

#5 and the PS are super tiny...I don't know what the problem is...try editing your post and looking at the html code to see if there is a size % code for your font

Bethany said...

1. Beach!!!
2. Online!!
3. Watch the NHL network...A LOT.
4. Playing on the internets
5. Hrm...Pazzy is quite entertaining, there was this time last season where he was getting interviewed by our tv announcer and he started speaking in french and then laughed, and then another time, one of the announcers said something, and Pazzy was like, dude I am French Canadian, I have no iddea what you're talking about...hilarious. Our team has a really great personality though, we are full of character guys lol.

Kerri said...

The Friday fave was so totally posted on Thursday, wasn't it?

1. Beach, although mountains give me that glazed-over awe-inspired look sometimes.
2. Long Island Newsday, the New York Times.
3. Cry really really hard? I'm seriously at a loss this season. It went so fast...
4. I enjoy surfing the world wide web.
5. I personally find Jagr to have entertaining stuff to say, but it's gotta go to Avery. Love him, hate him- he keeps life... different. If Jagr or Avery is even on my team come July 1st. *cry*

Lucky13 said...

1) Mountains
2) Yahoo news
3) Working, outdoor stuff, scouring the web for any info on my team's off-season actions.
4) online shopping
5) Gotta be Avery - need I say more?

Re: PS - that happened to me as well - just hit the back button to edit the post - when you get back to it, you'll see that blogger reduced the font size. You just have to change it back to normal and repost.

Stephanie said...

1) Mountains, mountains, mountains!
2) The Tennessean (Nashville), Yahoo, CNN
3) Everything I have put off doing for the last 8 months....
4) Knitting ("I really need to do laundry...but just a few more rows!")
5) Hmmmmm...I'd have to say Steve Ott...if only because of the vast difference between his personalities on the ice and off.

p.s. New here! So glad I found this site! I'm a Stars fan woefully trapped in Predators country....

CKim said...

1) Beach!!

2) Umm, lots… Illegal Curve is a good starting point

3) Write posts that are too long on each of my players, gym it up, watch movies, read books, be sad

4) Hard to say since I’m not in school anymore... if it’s the weekend then I like to be at the gym for 2+ hours.

5) Raitis Ivanans. I love watching him patrol the ice. I don’t think he’s actually lost a fight this year. I’m so proud. Plus, I think he should get more ice time because he proved at the end of this season that he could actually skate with the top line and produce points.

Cat said...

1.) Beach or mountains? Mountains. I HATE beaches.

2.) Which newspaper(s) do you read? (Either online or in print)
Dallas Morning News. And even then, it's rare that I actually read it. I get my news from Yahoo or Google.

3.) What do you plan to do during the hockey off season to keep yourself occupied?
Go to Minnesota for a couple of weeks or something. Write a lot of music. I might watch baseball, but when your home team is the Texas Rangers, it's hard to muster up the desire to watch.

4.) Favorite form of procrastination?
The Internet and video games.

5.) Who is the most entertaining player on your team?
Hmm. Mike Modano is really fun to make fun of. Marty Turco is charming and hilarious. Steve Ott is so awesome it hurts. Mike Ribeiro and Sergei Zubov are totally amazing to watch on the ice. Really, I'm entertained by everyone...Except Brad Richards, who is kind of boring. Come on, Brad. Wine tasting?

Ellie said...

1. Beach - nice and warm!

2. Pittsburgh Post Gazette and sometimes the New York Times

3. I'm hoping my off season won't start for a few more weeks!

4. The Internet

5. Probably Max Talbot

leanne said...

1. Mountains
2. The Calgary Herald regularly, the Globe and Mail on occasion
3. I got a pile of research to work on, a pile of DVDs to work through, a pile of get the idea.
4. Teh internets
5. Lombardi? Phaneuf?

I'm not sure about exactly why it's happening, but when I look at the page source, I see a span tag that's setting your font size to 0 right before that last question. For now, make sure you check it over in HTML mode rather than compose before you post so you can take that tag out (and you can still go back and fix it now).

Mimi said...

1. Would have to be the Beach

2. Detroit News & Free Press, LA Times

3. Concerts, travel

4. Anything that wastes time really...TV, surf the net

5. Henrik Zettererg

I'm new around here and so glad I found this site!!

Rachel said...

1. Eh...can I say neither? If I had to pick, I guess the beach?

2. The City Paper (print Monday and Friday; online Tuesday-Thursday) and the Tennessean but only for the Sports section, which I steal from the West End Starbucks every day.

3. I'm begrudgingly becoming a baseball fan just to have some sports in my life during the summer void. We have a minor league team here so I'm trying to evoke some hometown spirit.

4. Watching whatever is re-running on Bravo for like the 20th time that week.

5. Radulov; for the over-zealous goal celebrations that cause our captain to become concussed and for his complete inability to speak the English language.

Blitzen said...

1.) Could do either.
2.) Ottawa Citizen, Globe and Mail.
3.) Golf, garden, chill.
4.) Naps
5.) Jason (giggles) Spezza

Kirsten said...

The Friday Five was posted late on Thursday so it would be up in time for you guys on Friday morning. I'm not online nearly as much when I'm not at school.

1.) Mountains, but I like rocky beaches.

2.) The Minneapolis Star Tribune, sometimes the St. Paul Pioneer Press, USA Today, occasionally the New York Times (it's free at school).

3.) Watch baseball, fish, wakeboard, get a job, work out.

4.) Blogs, frisbee, downloaded TV shows

5.) Veilleux, Parrish, Burns
To watch play, Bouchard and Koivu.

Thanks guys, I'll try those suggestions about the posting thing. I keep retrying the post after editing the sizes, so I'll try Leanne's suggestion.