Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekly Topic 1 - 1st round

Well hell. It is so hard to pick a 1B team or even a 1C team after watching your own boys implode and miss being in the big show. But I gamely gave it a shot. The first round is often a time of great pain for a Yote fan.

My 1B was Ovie and the Caps. Who can resist those game warriors? They busted their butts to get in and held their own for a lot longer than anyone (except the die hards like CapsChick) could ever have imagined. But alas (like most of my 1B teams) they were eliminated after a very tough battle. And then to add insult to injury it appears that the team has lost their stalwart netminder Olie the goalie. Damn...

So I turn my sights to my 1C team the Habs. They got me 1st place in my fantasy league! I love Plank and Kovie and Priceless. And then of course since they drew the freakin Flies for the second round I love them even more and hope they beat those snots for knockin out my Caps.

Sighhh I can only hope and watch and exhort them on to victory.

The first round was also a time of jubilation since the Stars came through and beat the tailfeathers off the Ducks! I consider them an even more deadly enemy than the Sharks (who I am secretly rooting for... don't tell anyone).

My 1A Coyotes wouldn't have stood a chance this season... but next season look out! I will be among those not having to choose a 1B! FINALLY

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Ellie said...

"Priceless" - haha that's the first time i've heard that one - i love it!