Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Five

Hopefully Blogger won't mess up this post the way it just messed up my playoff post...
1.) How did you do on your first round predictions?
2.) Can you name five football/basketball/baseball players?
3.) What TV show are you excited to see back or bitter that the network isn't continuing until fall?
4.) Do you text? If so, how frequently?
5.) Which is your favorite planet?


Dare said...

1. Right: Montreal (though not in 5), Pittsburgh (though not in six), Detroit, Colorado, Dallas

Wrong: Washington, New York, Calgary.

Winning record, but not that great. I'm something like fifth in the BoO playoff prediction pool though, so I've at least got that going for me.

2. Sure. BASKETBALL - Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh, and Mike Bibby. I could probably even get to ten. FOOTBALL - Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, LaDanian Tomlinson (so essentially, I know a bunch of QBs and one's been a while since I followed football). Baseball's probably the one I can't do, mainly because I couldn't care less about the game. Sorry fans.

3. I've been happy to see One Tree Hill. I was a little worried about the whole "fast forward life" thing they did when the characters finished high school, but they've made it work. I'm also really happy about The Riches, though sad it doesn't have a full run. I love that show.

4. I do, but rather infrequently. Mostly, I use it for things like telling my roommate that I'm outside her work waiting to pick her up, or for something to do when I'm really bored. I'm very anti-textspeech (ie. u, r, 2, etc.) and honestly, don't really want to receive or send 4 billion texts about nothing all day long. That's what MSN is for.

5. Earth. I live there. Well, most of the time.

Anonymous said...

1.)Wrong: Washington, Anaheim, Colorado

Right: Pittsburgh, NY, Montreal, San Jose, Detroit.
Barely a winning record, but please notice that all the teams I got wrong are in that there conference I'm not.

2.) Do historical players count?
Yao Ming, Brent Farve, Cal Ripkin, Michael Jordan, Yogi Berra, uh... uh.... oh, you wanted five EACH? Screw that.

3.) I'm semi-excited about Battlestar Galactica, but it's hard to get worked up when you don't get the Sci-Fi channel and have to watch them after the fact on Hulu.

4.) Yes. WAAAAAAAY to frequently.

5.) I've always sorta liked Neptune. Doesn't get much press, but I've heard it's lovely this time of year.

CKim said...

1) 6 out of 8. Wrong: Rangers, Flyers

2) Kobe, Shaq, Derek Fisher, Elden Campbell (still playing?), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (notice a trend?)

3) 24, what the hell!!! When the strike ended they producers decided to wait until 2009 to air everything. I must get my Jack Bauer fix!!

4) Yeah, I do. Umm... enough.

5) Well, we can't say Pluto technically... but I'm picking it anyway.

Objectionable Conduct said...

1. I didn't make any first round predictions. I prefer to bet on individual games. So far I'm about 800$.

2. Umm yeah. I can also name every team in all three leagues.

Basketball - Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Chris Bosh, Steve Nash

Baseball - Carlos Delgado, Shawn Green, Roy Holliday, Eric Gagne, Pedro Martinez.

Football (NFL) - Jon Ryan, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson

Football (CFL as a Canuck I feel left out lol) - Chris Szarka, Jason Clermont, Kerry Joseph, Andy Fantuz, Damon Allen

3. I was thrilled to see Grey's Anatomy come back last night (last night was a great night, a Habs OT win and Grey's!!) Other then that, I'm really a reality TV whore, so I could care less.

4. I haven't been texting much lately due to the brokeness of my wrist (it actually hurts and I have to chicken peck on the computer) but typically I can send and recieve between 50 and 500 messages in a day. I'm totally against chatspeak unless I run out of room in a message.

5. Well I hold a clear fondness for Earth, because I live here, but Mercury and Venus are supposed to be warmer, so I'd take either...

Shan said...

1. I was wrong about Dallas and Washington.

2. Yes- Favre, Owens, Moss, Bledsoe, Brady / Carter, Bosh, Ford, Calderon, Peterson/ Bonds, Halladay, BJ Ryan, Nolan Ryan, Vernon Wells

3. n/a

4. once in a while, a few times a week

5. Couldn't tell you, I've never been outside Earth.

Kirsten said...

1.) Right: everything but the MN/COL series.

2.) Basketball: Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Shaq
Football: Tom Brady, Eli and Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss
Baseball: Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, Johan Santana, Kevin Slowey, Mike Redmond
Baseball is the only one of those that I can do with out thinking REALLY, REALLY hard.

3.) I didn't get to see Grey's last night, but I did see Bones. I wish Dirty Sexy Money was back now.

4.) Yes. All.The.Time.

5.) I've always been fascinated by all of them, particularly Neptune, because no one ever seems to talk about it.

Tracy said...

1.) How did you do on your first round predictions?

Not too bad considering. The teams I wanted to win (but not neccessarily expected to) lost and the teams I figured would take it all are still going strong.

2.) Can you name five football/basketball/baseball players?

I can name them but I probably can't tell you who they play for. Just names that I recognize.

- Steve Nash, Kobe, Shaq, Iverson, LeBron James.

- Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Walter Payton, Matt Leinart

- Paul LoDuca, Babe Ruth (:P), Hank Aaron, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds. lol. I hate baseball, btw.

3.) What TV show are you excited to see back or bitter that the network isn't continuing until fall?

One Tree Hill!! And I'm really pissed off that the 4400 isn't back for another season. They left me hanging! I hate that. It's "My So-Called Life" all over again.

4.) Do you text? If so, how frequently?

As often as I can get away with. I don't pay for unlimited texts for nothing.

5.) Which is your favorite planet?

I'm going with Mars. Apparently that's where men are from and if it's a planet full of guys, chances are there might be ONE good one.


Lucky13 said...

1) 3 for 4 in east, 2 for 4 in west
2) Only baseball: David Wright, Loduca, Jeter, Sosa, Pettitte.
3) What Not to Wear!!!!
4) Nope - don't want get caught up in the time and cost.
5) I'm partial to Earth myself, but I am fascinated with Jupiter and that nasty unending storm.

Cat said...

1.) How did you do on your first round predictions?
I did okay, I think. I really don't remember who I picked.

2.) Can you name five football/basketball/baseball players?
Probably. Basketball - Dirk Nowitzski, Devin Harris, Jason Kidd, Jerry Stackhouse, Jason Terry (yeah, they're all Mavericks - what?). Football - Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones (ugh), Tom Brady. Baseball - um, yeah, I can't do that one.

3.) What TV show are you excited to see back or bitter that the network isn't continuing until fall?
I was SO EXCITED to see "Bones" back, and "Ugly Betty" was good last night. Also, SO excited for "House".

4.) Do you text? If so, how frequently?
As I now have unlimited texting, I text AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

5.) Which is your favorite planet?
I really kind of liked Pluto, since it was the runt and I felt bad for it - plus, ice planet! I like Jupiter cause of the "neverending storm" thing, but Saturn is the prettiest.

elise said...

1. I didn't actually have time to ever make in depth playoff picks...oops.

2. yes (I'm feeling lazy and don't actually want to list everyone, though)

3. I'm glad CSI and Numb3rs are back...and Friday Night Lights (aka best show ever), but I don't think new episodes until 2009 or something dumb like that.

4. I have my phone on me almost 24/7 (as some of your girls know)

5. I really liked Pluto, but, oh, oops, it isn't a planet anymore.

Ellie said...

1. Not too bad. Washington and the Ducks screwed me up though.

2. Bobby Crosby, Dave Wright, Big Ben, LeBron James, Adam LaRoche....that was challenging!

3. Looking forward to: Greek, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl. Ditching: Heroes

4. Several times a day usually. Much more during playoff games : )

5. Saturn

Bethany said...

1.) How did you do on your first round predictions?
HORRIBLY, thanks for asking.
2.) Can you name five football/basketball/baseball players?
Heck yes I can. Does Favre count since he is retired? Carson Palmer, Chris Henry, Chad Johnson, Joey Votto, Ken Griffey Jr.
3.) What TV show are you excited to see back or bitter that the network isn't continuing until fall?
SCRUBS, Lost, Grey's...woot.
4.) Do you text? If so, how frequently?
I am ALWAYS texting/e-mailing/IMing, it's a curse from the crackberry.
5.) Which is your favorite planet?
CKim, just because Pluto isn't a planet anymore, doesn't mean we can't say it's our favorite, I mean it was a planet throughout most of our childhood.

k.m.stiles said...

1. 4 for 8

2. Kobe, Reggie Bush, Daisuke, Ryan Howard, and Randy Moss...but that did take some thinking.

3. LOST!! so good!!! and 30 Rock, the Office, and Grey's.

4. I text much more frequently now that I have a texting plan.

5. Earth.

Anonymous said...

1. I sucked. My team went out in the first round. Other than that...I did ok
2. baseball sure. It's my other sport. football & basketball - no way
3. anything and everything on abc
4. all the time. I text more than I should.
5. ours