Friday, April 25, 2008

From the AHL desk...

Last night, the Albany River Rats ('Canes) v. Philly Phantoms (Flyers) game went into 5 overtimes. 5

Supposedly a game that started at 7 PM ended at 12:39 AM, 5 hours later when Ryan Potulny of the Phantoms (and ex-Bear Grant's little brother)scored the game winner. The Rat goalie Michael Leighton saved 98 of 101 Philly shots during the game (they think both are AHL records)while the Phantom goalie had to deal with a slightly more reasonable 67 shots (65 of which were saved.)

With this win, Philly's up 3-2 in the series. And everyone involved in the game never EVER wants to do this again. (AHL full article here)

My question is how many FANS were still in the building when the game finally ended, as the exodus from Giant Center for the first OT is always pretty significant. I can't imagine more than 1 or 2 hundred actually stuck around. I'd also LOVE to see video of the end of it, because I can't believe anyone can skate for 5 hours and not just be completely wiped by 12:30 in the morning. Wow. The next game in this series is gonna su-uuuuck for those two teams. Luckily for them, it's not until Saturday. (although watching them try to play a back-to back tonight would have been hi-LARIOUS methinks.)

Tonight, however, the Bears try to re-live the Caps' playoff claw-back, as they are currently 1-3 in the series against the Baby Penguins. Any crazy thoughts of winning you want to direct their way at, oh, 7PMish would be good.

Think about these guys:
Freddy Cassivi on the bench bearspensgameone 031
and then we've got scoring and NOT scoring covered.
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Dare said...

Did Gordon cement his hair up, or has he not yet put a helmet over that coif?

Anonymous said...

He's taken to coming out for warmups without a helmet on, but it looks pretty cememnted anyway. I'm guessing he has to go back in and wet his head down to get the helmet on.

Bearcap12 at has a picture of it after he lost the helmet mid-game, and it's significantly fluffier.

(Damn, I'm a girl sometimes :-)

Dare said...

I mean, I would think it'd be pretty uncomfortable like that in a helmet...since it would kind of be artificially a couple inches up off your head. Interesting.

I always loved how Commodore had to water down the 'fro to get his helmet on.

Anonymous said...

Louie Robitaille and Danny Syvret did warmups for the home closer with fro's... they've both got curly hair like whoa (like me) and it looked like they just brushed it out.... but Louie had definitely wet his down once he came back out with the helmet on.