Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dude Where's My Team??

This off course, was what I was saying to myself during the third period of tonight's game.

Dude - Where's my team?

So I thought to myself, "Self - what can I do to help my team?"

Due to mainly brokeness, my previous tradition of getting drunk while watching playoff hockey has had to make its way out this year. Which is fine with me. Mainly because my team is supposed to destroy the Boouirns in the first round.

Note the key word in that sentence is "supposed to".

The team apparently forgot about this during the third period, where mes Habitants were looking mediocre at best. MEDIOCRE.

We forgot to move our feet. We also apparently forgot how to shoot the puck, and when we remembered, we forgot that the puck is supposed to HIT the net. You know, because the puck hitting the net (as opposed to the post and end boards) actually has a chance of going in.

Unlike Don Cherry and Bob Cole (stupid pro Boouirns morons - I mean, I know the Laffs didn't make the playoffs and the Habs did, but that's no reason to be so blatant about your dislike of the TOP CANADIAN TEAM in the PLAYOFFS!!), I am not going to give credit to Boston.

Sorry, not for nothin', never happen.

The fact is, mes Habitants were beating themselves. They had plenty of power play time (and did anyone else notice the blatant interference on Baby Sexy #1 during the first period?? The referee apparently forgot to put his contacts in before the game) and they still failed to come alive.

So I decided to bring out an oldie, but a goody.

And so I whipped out Les Canadiens de Montreal, which, once upon a time, was the team's theme song. I would love to share it with you all, but that would require far more work then I am willing to put in this morning. I swear there will be a YouTube video with that song in the background sometime in the near future.

So, mes Habitants, wake up! Game 3 goes TONIGHT in Boston!

P.S. - I can't for the life of me make the "Read More" thing work. So if anyone has any advice with helping my incompetent self, please, feel free.


Shan said...

It wasn't that bad. The Habs are a team that needs those occasional reminders that you have to play SIXTY minutes (at least), a few close calls is a better way to be reminded than just getting defeated.

They'll be sharper tonight, and Boston is going home dejected. Although Boston will try to build on their third period success and stop taking penalties.

You'll have to tell me who Sexy Baby #1 is. I don't have the eye for that.

Ellie said...

yeah you guys weren't too bad. can we trade you kovalev for hossa? : )