Sunday, April 13, 2008

Once in a while, you gotta SQUEE.

Not only did the Bears managed to clinch a playoff spot yesterday AND have a line brawl involving my favorite backup goalie......

I got Andrew Gordon to sign my jersey. And managed to keep my eyes open in the picture. :-)
Gordo signed my jersey.... moment of the night.
He also says he's going for the Mike-Green-As-A-Bear-Originated Playoff Mohawk as of next week, which just amuses me to no end.

(And video of said Line Brawl where you get Cheezer(Daren Machesney, the goalie) in Triumphant Agitator mode...)

Sadly, I didn't get any Stalkercam 8000 pictures of it, as it was down the glass in the corner on the same side I was on, but you can bet I was screaming and yelling and jumping up and down and teaching the kid next to me all sorts of words he didn't need to know until he got to middle school.


Q-girl said...

Oh my God he is adorable, now all he needs is a suit that fits him.

Anonymous said...

You're actually not the first person to say that.... maybe he's hoping for ant extra growth spurt?

Ellie said...

ooo what a cutie!!

kristin said...

You kinda look like brother and sister in that picture!