Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Habs OH MY!!

So who would have believed at the beginning of the season that the Montreal Canadiens would be sitting in first in the East at the end of March?

Certainly not I. I had once again converted away from Gaineyism and had in fact, converted to Tillmanism, which any good Rider fan will tell you totally paid off in the form of the franchise's first Grey Cup since I was but a little lass. Anyway, back to the point. After free agency ended and the Habs had no one, I was angry and bitter.

After we traded away Hip Hip Huet (I totally do not care that he is now pronouncing it Hu-et instead of Hu-eh) and got nothing in return, I hated my team and wanted to cry. Now, with six games remaining in their regular season schedule, the Habs are first in the East and 5 points ahead of the slumping Sens in their division.

Now, I have to admit. I had prepared myself for anothing season out of the playoffs. I was prepared to be satisfied with simply beating the Laffs, because really, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters to a true-bleu-blanc et rouge Habs fan is beating the Laffs. Sure, Stanley Cups are nice, but we already have 24 of them, and sometimes sharing is... nice. Yeah, nice that's it.

(Okay so the truth is, TRUE Habs fans are always bitter when another team wins the Cup. That mug is ours! Back off and get your own sandwhich! Ect.)

Of course, I don't want to give the credit to Bob Gainey. He has really given us NOTHING, at least not in terms of free agency or in terms of trades. Now, I realize that Hip Hip Huet was basically the back up and hadn't been playing as well, so he wasn't as valuable as was, but seriously... couldn't he have gotten something more?

So I am going to place almost all of the blame - or in this case, credit, firmly on the shoulder's of our coach extrodinare, Guy Carbonneau. Clearly he has worked that locker room the way a successful puckbunny works the after party. He has these guys' grooving on the ice, and fortunately not to anything else, because, seriously, they can't dance (there was a video of last year's (or the year before's) Halloween party on the Habs website for awhile, trust me if you didn't see it, it wasn't pretty).

With the said, I can't only make fun of the Laffs. I need to save a little mocking for the Boouirns, who went down to my Habs for the 7th straight time this year on Saturday Night. We felt sorry for you, so we let you take it to the shoot out. Trust me, you don't want us in the first round.

That said, we'll take you out in four. I have no problem winning some money on this. Not that I would bet on sports. Gambling is wrong. Very, very, very wrong.

Oh and if you haven't seen it - check out this video:

TOO cute for words.


Amy Lynn said...

That kid was absolutely adorable and Kostopoulos' comments were the greatest.

Tracy said...

Kill me now. ;)