Thursday, February 28, 2008

But... but... but....

I officially recant my Gaineyism - AGAIN!!!

So I thought that, after not drafting Baby Sexy #2 Bob Gainey would make big moves in the off season. Which he failed to do. No big signings. Instead he stood at the end of the driveway waving gaily while Sheldon Souray signed with the Oilers.

In retrospect, that's not a huge deal since Souray has been sucking a nut this year, largely due to the fact that he's hurt all the time.

So then the whole team is supposed to suck a nut this year 'cause we don't got sheet.

But then, the boys pull together and play like WHOA. We're in the playoffs as the deadline approaches.

It makes sense to load up on deadline day non?

So time passes, nothing happens, but finally Gainey trades Hip Hip Huet for a 2nd Round DRAFT PICK!!! I'm thinking like, WHOA. Big things on the horizon right? I mean, so what Richards is in Dallas! Hossa's still around!

But no.....

We get NO ONE at the deadline.

And now, we're left with a rookie tender heading in to the post season. Yeah Halak has played in the bigs before, but NEVER in the playoffs.

So I hate my team right now.

And yes. I already cried.

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Shan said...

Trading Huet was a good move, and you can't get much more for him than a Capitals 2nd rounder. Huet wasn't a truly proven playoff goalie either and now Halak can develop too. I'm sure Gainey is more disappointed than you are about not being able to score a big player, but Hossa's price was too high. Don't feel too badly, I still think this team will be a strong contender, it's just going to demand more out of all 4 lines now.

If you look around the league, most teams weren't able to do much good at the deadline.