Tuesday, January 01, 2008

They pre-empted Seal on Ice for that?!?!

Thank goodness there is no Triple Crown racing in January, eh? OT and a shootout? I was shocked...SHOCKED, I say, that NBC stuck with the Winter Classic. I mean, it ran 30 minutes past its scheduled time and they didn't pull the plug. I wonder why. Oh yeah, cuz Sid was playing.

In what have must have been Gary
Bettman and the NHL's dream come true, Sidney Crosby scored the game winning shoot out goal in today's Winter Classic. It couldn't have been scripted better if they tried. As much as I can't stand Crybaby, the Kid comes through when it matters. Ya gotta respect that.

I loved that it was snowing for the game. I did not love that they had to stop every 5 minutes to patch up or otherwise service the ice.

In other NHL news (wait, there were other games today? I thought all the NHL players had to be in Buffalo to watch the game...), the 28
th place Capitals continue to OWN the 2nd place Sens. Now that you really gotta love!

Happy New Year everyone!


Tracy said...


I said that same thing -- "Man, you can't even WRITE this stuff!" after Sidney scored the gwg. Madness. I loved it though... shhh!

Ellie said...

see i was going "wow sid actually scored in a shootout - no shit!"

blah the ice was driving me up a wall - it was like watching a football game - stopping every five seconds and shitty sports casters. nbc sucks although not as much as vs.

other than that i thought it was great!

Ellie said...

oh and i couldn't believe the caps beat the sens. i was telling everyone about it even people that don't watch hockey!

Shmee said...

Its crazy that the Caps have SWEPT the Sens so far this season (not that I am complaining!)

kristin said...

I love that the Caps have swept the Sens...it cracks me up! I am hoping this loss to Washington will send them into another slump!

Fire said...

Bettman must have been wetting himself when the game went into a shootout, and even more when his golden boy Sydney Crosby scored the shootout winner. It almost seemed set up to me...


Shan said...

I thought the highlight of the game was early on Sid trying to juggle the puck to keep it off of the ice/snow, Robbie Schremp style. Overall, it was an okay game. I am more impressed by a stadium of triple the capacity than I am with it being outside.

Pucks on Broadway said...

Great pic. I used it in my blog too. I thought the game was just so drawn out. But I guess if you could ask for a scenario, what happened would be ideal. Besides, the fact that Sid has the gall to try a puck flip like that is scary.

Kerriberry7228 said...


Seriously, worst outcome possible for my team (two points to Pens, one to Buff) but jeeze, it was soooo perfect, with the snow and everything. Yeah, the stoppages over that dumb ice patch was annoying, but otherwise it was so perfect. It really was great PR, (although I don't know how many people actually watched it) and on top of it, Sid comes through to set up the goal on the first shot in the game, and then wins it in a shootout. Just going into the shootout was enough to make Bettman.... happy. Wow, great great great. I was so excited, lol. Pure glee for three hours.

They need to do this again next year... and since the House That Ruth Built is about to be torn down... it should be Rags/Isles there. Nice way to salute Yankee stadium out. And I could go.