Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Procrastination and Other Stuff

Almost two weeks ago the Sharks lost, at home of course, to the Ducks (you can see where the procrastination comes in). It was the Sharks only home game during my parents' Christmas visit from Hawaii, so the whole family went (my poor Dad; it was the only game he's been able to attend in about two years and he had to see an appalling 5-2 loss).

Earlier that day we went to breakfast and then to do some Christmas shopping (yes, this has a hockey related point - be patient!). While my mom shopped Borders the rest of us sort of wandered the store and noticed a group with hockey sticks across the street in front of the Hotel Valencia. Turns out the Ducks were staying there, so my dad, sis and I planted ourselves in the Borders' window where it was warm and watched to see which players would stop and sign autographs. Here's a picture I took on my cell.

Yes, I know that's a bad picture. It was on my cell after all. What I like is that you can't even tell I was standing behind a dirty window.

I think that's Parros out there signing, in this picture. He and Giguere stayed out the longest, at least while we were there. Mum finished her shopping before the bus left and we were on our way.

We also saw S. Niedermayer signing, and a few players whose names I do not recall. Mr. Pronger, on the other hand, got straight on the bus, "no pen, no write, no sign." *

What really surprised me is that they were staying so far from the Shark Tank. Usually teams stay at the Fairmont, which is Downtown and has a lovely bar with a $5.00 Martini Hour. The Hotel Valencia is in Santana Row, a high end shopping/condo type place, 5 miles from the Tank, which doesn't sound like much until you factor in traffic. Maybe the Ducks needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

Now for the other stuff. The Sharks amazing home and road records. Home being amazingly bad and road being amazingly good. They have won only 6 out of 18 games on the road but have 10 straight road wins. They even managed to win in Nashville, a feat that had not occurred since Kiprusoff was with the team. Why this disparity is happening is the subject of much analysis. Some have suggested that when they aren't doing that well it quiets the crowd, and so they don't get fired up by the crowd. Blaming the crowd irritates me. They need to give us something to get fired up about, such as a nice hit. Whatever the problem, fans are getting frustrated. People are suggesting humorous solutions, like blowing the horn when the other team scores to confuse them into thinking they are on the road.

Winning the next two games at home would go a long way toward gaining the confidence of the fans. Especially me, who just spent a boatload to sit in the front row with my friends Saturday night.

*Anyone recognize that quote?


Kirsten said...

I don't recognise the quote, but I'd be extremely surprised if FCP could get that many words out.

squawky said...

The quote did dig up some buried memories -- it's from the Goonies, no?

(At the end, when the housekeeper finds the jewels in someone's marble bag)

Jocelynn said...

Yeah. I had watched the Goonies just the day before and the quote popped into my head when thinking of Pronger's immediate bus boarding.