Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Story

I normally don't like telling ultra personal stories but I really have to share this one that I think most female hockey fans will enjoy:

Tonight my fiance (P) and I were driving in the car and a 'Real Men of Genius' ad came on the radio, the "Mr. Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy". After it was over P said, "You know...instead of paying for a wedding we could go to a Justice of the Peace and use the money to buy Kings season tickets for the next 5 years." There was complete silence for about 5 seconds as I sat there comprehending the most amazing idea that has ever come out of his mouth. I finally sputtered out, "Well, um, yeah!!!" Of course, he said, "Sweetie, I was just kidding!" But then I reminded him, "Um, no you're not. That's a brilliant idea!" And then we dreamed for the next ten minutes trying to figure out where we would get season tickets and for how many seasons instead of paying for a decent-sized, fairly nice wedding.

Then he came up with the second most brilliant idea which was, "How about instead of a formal gift registry we tell a bunch of people that they can chip in and buy us season tickets for our wedding gift." OMG! I almost drove off the bridge we were on because I seriously didn't think life would ever be able to get any better than it had in the past 15 minutes. Considering he had only been to one hockey game before we started dating, he has come a loooooooong way. I'm so proud...and thankful that he encourages my (sometimes unhealthy) obsession with the LA Kings.

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Tracy said...

Wow. You know, this idea hits me differently on different days, I think. Sometimes I am like "Screw that, I want a big wedding. You only get married once." and some days I am like, "Nah, small is key."

Honestly, though, I think that's a fantasmic idea. You're marrying a genius, doll. :)

Shan said...

Congratulations on your impending marriage.

Now tell me, Queen of Kings, shall I pick up Nagy who is a free agent in my pool? Is he going to have a good second half? Is he worth the risk?

Cat said...

Your fiance is clearly a very intelligent man!

KMS2 said...

Tracy: I am exactly like you except I usually tend towards the "Fuck having a wedding! Let's go to the courthouse!".

Shan: Thanks! He's so inconsistent that you'll most likely only notice the games in which he records 0 points.

Cat: he is creative, but now he keeps saying he should have never said those things.

Nadine said...

I have to find a P of my own and actually pull something like this off.

Honestly, my dream wedding is small and doesn't incur debt. Since my dad is a minister...wait for it...mystery guy and I could basically have it done for free!

Congrats to you and P!

McPhizzle said...

Amazing!!! *files it in the memory bank for my (someday)wedding*