Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Turco helps Ducks end 3-game skid

That is the headline on Yahoo! Sports. Thanks, Marty!

After a horrendously disappointing week at home, where the Stars lost to the Sharks (4-2), Blackhawks (5-4), and the Coyotes (5-0), tonight's game was REALLY IMPORTANT. Thankfully, the team delivered, posting a 5-0 shutout win against the Anaheim Ducks. This brings the team to 14 points, at 6-6-2.

That brings me to my next point - what's up with the Pacific division this year? Sharks are at 15, while the Kings, Ducks, and Stars all have 14. Phoenix is down there with 10. Isn't this supposed to be a competitive division? I mean, come on. Whatever, as long as the Stars keep winning I have no complaints about anything ever.

According to Marty Turco, the team was playing like "dog meat" last week. Thanks for noticing, Marty. Good thing they fixed it, otherwise there would be even more angry Stars fans than there already are.

You would expect the head coach to make them do drills until they puked and/or fainted after losing 3 in a row at home, but no. According to the Dallas Morning News, practice on Saturday was fun, and included goalie Mike Smith playing a hardcore game of pingpong with Sergei Zubov post-practice, while wearing nothing but a jockstrap and knee-high black socks.

Um, WHAT? That is less fun and more disturbing. But apparently whatever strategy they used at practice worked, because they won 5-0 tonight. I'm hoping that the Stars can keep this up. I'm also hoping that Mike Modano can break that record this week. I mean, seriously. It's November already, and at the beginning of the season he was something like 7 points away. He's still 2 points away. There is something wrong with that.


KMS2 said...

Haha, I saw that headline last night and thought, "did Turco have an own goal?" Stupid Yahoo! Enjoy the win now, Cat, 'cause my Kings are going to destroy your Stars!!!

Cat said...

Turco did get an assist, which was pretty bitchin'. I'm trying to take things day by day when it comes to my Stars. They've disappointed me a lot as of late. We'll just see about your Kings, though.