Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Paging the Fact-Checker

Paycut a reality for Redden in Ottawa
Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sportsnet.ca -- Ottawa Senators' defenceman Wade Redden has been with the franchise since its inception; which bodes the question: How much does team loyalty cost?

"I would feel real good leaving next year and see them win the Stanley Cup," he said, sarcastically.

Redden followed up the sarcasm with a dose of reality, admitting to the Ottawa Sun how he would consider a pay cut to stay with the Cup contender.

First off, the modern Senators franchise was founded in 1992. Redden wasn't drafted until 1996.

Secondly, I have rather mixed feelings about the whole Redden situation. Now that he is on record in saying that he's willing to take a pay-cut to stay here that will definitely be factor once negotiations start. However, he's looking at an extremely steep pay-cut if he wants to be a part of this franchise long-term.

And why wouldn't he? Bryan Murray has made it pretty clear he's committed to the future of this team and my impression of Redden is that he cares more about winning than his salary. However, in order for everything to fit under the salary cap, Redden is looking at an extremely steep discount. At least he can find comfort in the fact that him and 5 other Senators players are on the All-Star ballot this year.


Shmee said...

I cant get a read on Redden -- sometimes its like he really cares, and others...its like he has disappeared off the ice. I dont know how much I would pay for inconsistency.

Sherry said...

Neither can I, Shmee. I would like to think that last year was only a blip on the radar because he is an absolute all-star when he's on his game.