Monday, November 05, 2007

The Niedermayers Killed my Superstition.

I've only really had one strict superstition that started during last year's playoffs - red eyeliner. I don't know how I ended up owning it in the first place because folks, let me tell you how it makes me look diseased, or at the very least a little questionable. So after that first game against the Sharks last May, where we lost 2-0, I decided maybe we could use a little help, and red eyeliner it was.

I steadfastly wore it (except for the April 30th game when I couldn't get to it - surprise, we lost) for the rest of the playoffs, and it, I'm sure, led us to four wins straight to close out the series with the Sharks and start us off with a win against Anaheim in game one. I went out to the Joe for game two, eyeliner and all, looking like I probably had rabies - and the eyeliner, coming face to face with the Scott Niedermayer who won the game in OT with an assist from that other one, failed me for the first time.

Not to be disheartened, I decided maybe it only failed when I was there, and I wore it again the next day. It came back with a vengeance and we blanked the Ducks 5-0. This, I said, is a clear sign. Unfortunately it couldn't hold up against guess who, yet again, and we lost the next game. I stopped wearing the eyeliner but it was too late to save us, and at least one Niedermayer got at least one point in every game for the rest of the season.

I haven't found any new superstitions yet - but maybe that's a good thing, those pencils cost $2 apiece, and I bet I'm way more likely to get bought drinks and make friends at the bar if I don't look like I'm going to start frothing at the mouth at any given moment.

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KMS2 said...

Red eyeliner....I think we need to see a picture!