Saturday, November 03, 2007

Someone did an entire report on my superstitions

And got an A, thank you very much. In college no less.

On gameday I always do the same thing to prepare for the game, whether watching or competing. During the playoffs when the Wild won that game, I did absolutely everything the same way that I had done before. I insisted that my family should also. They were less than thrilled about me hounding them about this. I took careful note each game of everything I did so it could be replicated in case of a win. If the Wild go on a winning streak, I will wear the same sweater, eat the same things, use the same stall in the washroom, everything.

When playing a sport I am very superstitious. I always listen to the same thing, warm up the same way, wear the same layers, take them off at the same time. Put my gear on the same way, always hit home plate, hit my batting helmet twice...the list goes on and on. My coaches have said it's just routine, but how do routines form?

In my junior year pre-calc class, I had to borrow a pencil for an exam. I ended up doing extremely well, so I gave the person another pencil, and kept the one with the cow spots. This pencil was dubbed "the lucky cow pencil", and there after used on all exams. The Lucky Cow Pencil may not be used for anything other than exams, and these days to conserve the LCP, I only trot it out for difficult exams.

Basically, yes, I am very supestitious, mostly when it comes to sports, but there are other random times that it crops up in my life. Oddly enough I am usually a highly rational and scientific person, so a lot of people are very surprised to find out that I'm this bad. "Like goalie bad" according to my close friends. I do realize that often times routine is good for you, feeling lucky gives extra confidence which is beneficial, and the "luck" should not replace preparation. Blah, blah, blah. These things have gotten me this far in life, I'm not about to quit now.

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