Sunday, November 04, 2007


So... after 20-odd years of hockey fandom, I've pretty much concluded nothing works. Really.

When I was little, I had to stare intently in the direction I thought the game was going to happen in, and mutter things like "goflamesgo." (To be fair, I had an hour or so to kill on the school bus with nothing but a Walkman. This makes for juvenile insanity).

When I was a bit older, I had to a) optimally wear the Flames' colours (in the candy-cane white-and-red days, this was a stretch. Once they introduced some black it was easier) on game days, OR b) at least avoid the other teams' colours at all costs. I was in trouble those times we played teams (I'm looking at YOU, Florida) that had the exact same colours.

So, now, I've decided, I've seen them when they're good, I've seen them when they're bad, I've not seen them at all. So it's pretty much all for my enjoyment now. I will wear my jersey when I think they need that extra bit of juice, but meh, no big deal.

(As for superstitions that work, I do insist on bringing a certain pencil into class with me for multiple choice tests. Why? It's not like I use the damn thing to write with. It's one of those hexagonal ones, and carved into the bottom near the eraser are flat spots, labelled, 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'. It's a cleverly disguised random letter generator. Like a dice! For those times when you just don't know, or don't care... Works like a charm, I swear.

And always eat French Onion Soup before you go play volleyball. It's weird, but we do win games when we do the pre-game meal.

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KMS2 said...

I LOVE French Onion Soup.