Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm so boring!

As a lifelong athlete myself (if you want the list, we can do that somewhere else, but I'm completely unable to stay loyal to one sport) I'm a rarity. I really don't care what happens around me, what order I put my gear on, or what underwear I'm wearing (er, to an extent... it's hard to do anything in the pair that gives me perma-wedgie). I tried, I really tried, for a while as a soccer goalie (middle school) to believe that a picture of my favorite actor shoved in my soccer sock would bring me luck, but there was no conclusive win/loss record that compared with my sock stuffing escapades, and after a while I got tired of having to fish soggy paper bits out of my shinpads.

As a swimmer/water polo player, I had a ritual of eating Red Vines before a meet/game, but again, I attribute that to me being a Red Vines fiend and it being three hours after lunch more than me believing that the Red Vines actually gave me some sort of psychosomatic boost.

Most of my hockey watching "superstitions" are really just me being dopey, and I'm not firmly attached to any of them. I'm beginning think that the Bears are incapable of scoring a goal if I'm paying full attention, that I either have to be not listening to the radio (like doing the 20 second dash from the car radio to the inside radio) or looking through the viewfinder of the Stalkercam80000. Which would also explain why, the night I was liveblogging, they lost by 2 in a shutout. Will this make me stop watching/listening to the Bears? Ah, no. They're going to have to adapt.

And as for the Pens, well... the Army bobblehead has been stickytacked to the TV since before the season started and they're still playing the upsey-downsey game, so I'm not thinking it's him. They've won one and lost one since my jersey got here, so there's no conclusive evidence there, and no matter how many times I accidentally fall down the back stairs at work into the spare hockey goals and utter Sidney Crosby's favorite swear word, it doesn't seem to influence them to be sympathetic at all.

Of course, I think I did promise them sexual favors at one point if they won, so maybe they're just being belligerent because I haven't shown up in Pittsburgh to make good on the promise yet.

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