Friday, November 02, 2007

She's (not) very supersititous

I don't have any hockey superstitions.


Well I"m not much of a big believer in luck in sport. I mean. I believe in lucky shots, lucky bounces to an extent but I do not believe luck is what determines winning or loosing, and the essentially is that basis of superstitions to me. The idea that one's actions (say here in Australia) butterfly affect to cause the outcome of a game to change. I'm not a believer in that.

What I do believe in is self made luck.

That through hard work, practise all of those cliched terms that come with hockey (giving it 110 percent, going the extra mile) one can create their own luck, a team can determine their own destiny instead of putting it on the hands of the "gods" eg. the opponent as they get decimated.

Luck creates bounces. Hard work puts the bounces in the net.

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