Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Five

  1. Have you exploded from too much leftover candy yet?
  2. Favourite winter drink (spiked or not)?
  3. What piece of playground equipment was (or still is) your sworn enemy?
  4. How's your attention spa- hey! look! a kitty!
  5. One dinner that you would never make at home but loooooove to go out for?


Anonymous said...

1. I'm working on it. Nobody came to my house so I've been polishing off mini boxes of Mike and Ikes. note: next year don't buy your favorite candy.
2. hot chocolate with mint Baileys' in it!
3. Tetherball. I was the school champ, but I think I actually broke my nose upwards of three times being hit in the face with one.
4. Atten....wha?
5.Full turkey dinners. I heart stuffing. Mmmmm, stuffing.

Tracy said...

Have you exploded from too much leftover candy yet?
Yep. As a matter of fact, this isn't even me typing right now.

Favourite winter drink (spiked or not)?
Hot cocoa. Yum. My mom makes it REALLY good and homemade, it's fantastic.

What piece of playground equipment was (or still is) your sworn enemy?
The web. My big clown feet used to slip through and get stuck.

How's your attention spa- hey! look! a kitty!
Erm.... I like clouds. :)

One dinner that you would never make at home but loooooove to go out for?
I don't have any of that.

leanne said...

1. Not leftover candy. CAKE. Lots and lots of cake...

2. Hot chocolate. Really high-quality hot chocolate. I-need-my-privacy-quality hot chocolate...

3. Monkey bars. No upper body strength to speak of.


5. Anything deep-fried, I guess... I'm a sucker for fish and chips.

KMS2 said...

1. No, but last weekend I exploded from too many mimosas. (apparently my limit is one carafe not two)

2. I really like spiced cider but I rarely have it and when I do it's just the instant stuff so it's not like it's even that great.

3. The chin-up bar because I have zero upper-body strength. My friends who did gymnastics would always do these cool basic swingy things and I couldn't even pull myself up on that bar...blerg.

4. Apparently it sucks ass at work.

5. sushi. You mean I have to buy "sushi grade" fish? That's waaaaay tooo complicated. I'd probably give myself e coli or some shit if I tried to make sushi at home.

Jocelynn said...

1. Nope, had to pick up Mum at the airport so no trick or treats at my place.

2. Eggnog; I'm going to try it spiked this year, definitely.

3. The low bar that kids would swing around and do cherry drops on. I could never make it all the way around and would just hang there.

4. Really, just crap.

5. All dinners. I hate to cook.

HG said...

1. No, unfortunately. I didn't buy any. If there were those molasses Hallowe'en kisses that no one seems to know about, then yes.

2. My new best friend is Bailey's and coffee. My old new best friend is egg nog.

3. All of it. I was not co-ordinated as a child. Seeing a girl fall off the dome and breaking her arm when I was six put the fear into me.

4. Well, considering I posted that question... My friend actually got a shirt made with that on it for me.

5. Sushi. Creme brulee. Not in the same meal.

Cat said...

1. I didn't even have leftover candy. I didn't buy Halloween candy this year, as no one comes trick or treating in my apartment complex, and even if they did, I was at the game!

2. I like Bailey's and coffee. Tea and hot chocolate are also staples in the winter.

3. I hate seesaws. HATE them.

4. The only time I can actually fully pay attention to something is when it's hockey. Seriously. Especially if there are goalies on the screen.

5. Anything. I hate cooking.

Kirsten said...

1.) No, I attend university. The people around me have kindly prevented me from having any candy around. Leanne...I really like cake. Just sayin'.
2.) I love apple cider in all forms.
3.) Not really, I was the hyper kid running around and jumping off stuff, but I spent more time playing wallball than anything else.
4.) Depends. I have a remarkable attention span for sports, but things like classes? Not so much. Also I have Musical ADD. Really badly. I switch songs on my iPod every three seconds. Also, I LOOOOOVE shiney things.
5.) Chicken Fried Rice. No one makes it quite like Mr. Lee at Jasmine Garden.

Anonymous said...

1. only ate 2 pieces.
2. Hot Chocolate
3. monkey bars...broke my foot at 2.5 years old.
4. good
5. Fettuccini alfredo