Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Out of My Mind. Be Back in a Couple of Months

Just as a disclaimer, this is probably not a relevant post in any way shape or form. It is also cross-posted to Scarlett Ice!

School has been driving me up a padded wall lately and I've sort of been having the week from heck for all sorts of different reasons. Ideally, the break in the Senators' schedule gives me time to focus on my academics for awhile but it's actually had the reverse effect.

I'm going crazy; I'm stressing out to the point where my hair is probably falling out at a rate reminescent to Marge Simpson's in that Sherry Bobbins episode (which is a personal favourite of mine because you know, my name is 'Sherry' and all). Normally, I would turn to hockey to calm me down but unfortunately my boys are exiled to the Muskokan woods until Saturday. The Senators have this weird calming effect on me. In losing situations where my boys tank dramatically I incur another type of stress altogether but the effects of those are arguably less permanent.

But I'm a hockey fan first, and luckily there's still plenty hockey left to calm my spirits and bring me back to sanity, or the closest that I am to it on a normal basis. I don't think about homework or anything else when I'm watching hockey (occassionally when I'm listening to it since I'm doing homework at the same time). I'm also not an athlete in any way shape or form so it's a nice form of escapism for me.

Part of the stress comes from the fact that I don't have time to de-stress. The time I spend on hockey will inevitably take up time I should be using towards meeting deadlines and finishing assignments. I'm normally notoriously meticulous when it comes to planning my days around Senators games. Whenever the TV broadcast schedules come out, I write them down in my agenda and plan my deadlines and homework around them. I was nearing on an academia-induced panic attack today and the first thing I thought about was how badly I needed to watch a hockey game where somebody gets wallpapered into the boards or Spezza makes an impossible pass to Heatley to calm me down or Alfie somehow alludes 3-defencemen to score a goal.

Make no mistake, I don't profess to be an expert on hockey. Really, there are a ton of things about the sport I've yet to learn and a lot of things I should know but I haven't cared to learn. I do know--and excuse me if this sounds corny, that I love it. And in the end, as a fan that's all you can really do.

I also know that I have a pair of headphones and YouTube and NHL TV readily available so I'll find a way to make the 10 hours I have to spend on campus tolerable. Somehow.

I also have in my wallet a pocket-sized Hamilton Bulldogs schedule. February 29th, 2008 is Carey Price Bobblehead night. Isn't it awesome that we have a February 29th? Cam Ward can finally celebrate his birthday! (And I'm not stealing more than one bobblehead for anybody. You know who you are).


Blitzen said...

Actually, the boys are back today as they have a fan thing for season ticket holders on Thursday at SBP (I can't go - want my tickets?). At least you might hang around Kanata to see if you can glimpse one or two to get all sorted out again.

Jordi said...

Bobblehead night... *sigh* Ebay.

Eh, don't worry Sher - work needs to be done. Hockey goes on without us.

Sherry said...

blitzen - Unfortunately I live in Hamilton so traveling back and forth from Kanata just isn't all that practical, haha. Nor can I afford season tickets. Go in my honour!

Jordi - Oh don't worry Jordi, you're at the top of my list to get a bobblehead for (seriously, those things freak me out). What would I do with it anyways? :P

Blitzen said...

After I posted I thought that you might live out of town. I keep forgetting that we are in cyberworld, it all feels local. BUT had you been here I would have gladly given you my tickets to the meet the team event tomorrow just to help you out.

Sherry said...

Blitzen, you my good man, are my new best friend! :P

Kirsten said...

Stupid school getting in the way of being sports fans! How dare it! I hear ya, I have so much to do right now, it's not even funny. In addition to that I have only limited use of one of my hands. Here's to hoping you manage to get it all done without going crazy!

Finny said...

best wishes, lovely. *hugs* dont stress too much.

speaking of bobbleheads... did you ever see the 6' Teemu Selanne one? Yeah, that's right, a LIFE SIZE... or maybe it was taller, Teemu.

Elly said...

Hope all is well, Sherry, work can definitely get overwhelming.

Finny: That is just a terrifying thought. I'd think I was being robbed if that thing sat in my living room at night.