Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Walk Under Ladders

Well, obviously.

I tend not to be insanely superstitious, although I do have set routines and music and clothing. The time my superstitions really come into play are during playoffs. Last season, when my Stars played the Canucks, I would have to wear my Mike Modano shirt (no others, just that one, for reasons that my brain doesn't remember or comprehend). A friend and I went shopping for Stars gear - but not in the traditional sense. Instead, we donned Stars clothing and went to the mall, with the sole intent of purchasing earrings that were shaped like stars. We bought (if I recall correctly) three pairs each. It's an advantage of having a team like the Stars - I'm not sure if you could find Avalanche or Rangers earrings.

I would sleep in my Stars hoodie (I keep my apartment about as cold as the Arctic, so it wasn't uncomfortable) the night before games. On the day of the game, I had a specific mix CD that I would have to listen to. I could not listen to any music other than what was on that CD. I would don at least two pairs of star-shaped earrings (I have my ears pierced four times in one ear, three in the other), and in the car on the way to the game, we would listen to that mix CD and park in a specific lot (although I'm not sure if that was superstition so much as it was lack of parking elsewhere).

This season, thus far, I'm less superstitious. I do have a couple of things, I always wear a Stars t-shirt, and a Stars jersey over it. I wear one pair of Stars earrings (sometimes two), I have a new mix that I listen to (but I allow myself other music as well), and I have to admit to putting on my clothes left to right (my left arm goes through the armhole on the shirt before the right, etc.).

Perhaps when playoffs roll around, I'll become insanely superstitious again. I'm hoping not, though, because seriously? Following those rules is HARD, y'all.

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