Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Radio for Me

I don't have too many superstitions for game day. The season following the lockout, the BF gave me a jersey for X-mas and I wore that every time I watched a game on TV. When the team started tanking at the end of the season I still wore the jersey but I finally stopped wearing it after the first couple weeks into the '06-'07 season. The BF definitely noticed that I stopped wearing the jersey and once I even admitted it was because the Kings were losing when I wore it. I think he felt bad that I was no longer getting a lot of use out of it, but whatever, I can't have my team be on a 10 game losing streak. So far this season, I think I wore it while watching the second game of the season and the Kings lost and I don't recall ever putting it on again.

When I go to games I always wear my jersey and pearl earrings. I know, where am I going? A wedding? Don't ask. I started wearing them one time and they won and one time I wore something else or I didn't wear earrings at all and they lost. I was hesitant to wear them this past Saturday but I reminded myself, "they win when you wear the pearls!" I wore them and the Kings kicked the crap out of Edmonton. I wear my jersey to the games because what else would I wear? When I was younger I always wore my favorite Kings hat: black with silver lettering spelling out "Los Angeles Kings" with "Kings" in script. The hat disappeared while I was in college and I've blamed my mom on multiple occasions for throwing it out while I was away. So, no hat at the games, just the jersey.

The one superstition that I am absolutely terrified of is listening to the Kings on the radio. Every single time I listen to the Kings on my drive home they lose. Every single time! This started in the '05-'06 season. I listened to the very first game of the '05-'06 season when the Kings played the Stars. We were up 4-0 and eventually lost 4-5. I was heartbroken. I continued to listen to the early games even though we would always lose because I was convinced that I wouldn't get hung up on a stupid superstition! Then the '06-'07 season came and one of the few games that I listened to on the radio went something like this:
We're playing Colorado (Blake's first game back there, too) and we're up 1-0. We take a penalty. While on the PK we take another penalty. Avs score one goal to end the first penalty and then score a second goal to end the second penalty. We go on to let in 4 more unanswered goals to lose 1-6. Horseshit!!!! I think I listened to a couple more games on the radio with no success and finally gave up listening to them altogether.

The main thing that sucks about this superstition is not being able to listen to the games that start at 4:30 or 5:30 because by the time I get home from work, the game is usually over. This superstition blows but I have to make sacrifices. I am not going to tempt myself to listen to them on the radio this season. Mark my word...we will be MUCH better than we were the last two seasons all because I stopped listening to games on the radio. The things we do for our teams...

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leanne said...

Awwww....I practically grew up listening to Calgary games on the radio. And it was a lifesaver for the years I lived far far away...

Mind you, Peter Maher has this fantastic habit of carolling, "You can.....put it...in the WIN column!"

(To say nothing of the "YEAAAAAAHHHH BABYYYY!" cries when something really exciting happens)