Friday, September 21, 2007

Home Renovations

This is a post from your silly administrators (otherwise known as the HLOG Overlords) to let you guys know that HLOG will be going through some renovations over the weekend with a new, hopefully shiny layout ready for you guys by next week. So, do not be alarmed if things are looking a bit rough over the weekend-- that's just part of the process.

In addition, our blogs list is obviously a little bit outdated. If you see a blog link that needs to be there but isn't, please give us a shout at hlogadmin [at] gmail [dot] com and we will add you accordingly. We're all about giving here after all.


Kerriberry7228 said...

It's cuttte!(besidesthefactthedevilsareonit)

Rinslet said...

XD;;; make the whole background white? instead of taht gray thing? Or pink.. or some girly color. LOL XD


CapsChick said...

Lovely work!!

(It made me laugh that Kris Beech is featured so prominently on the banner but I'm not complaining - nice to see the Caps represented at all :P)

Sherry said...

Heh, well I've learned from our last banner experiment that no matter who or what I put up there somebody will be offended. We'll probably start rotating them once we get the widget sorted and we get more banners in. In the meantime, I thought this one suited the scheme the best.

HabsFan29 said...

Holy awesomeness Batman!

Just checked in for the first time in a week or so (damn work and jewish holidays!) and i am impressed. looks great Ladies!