Saturday, September 22, 2007

Scheduling changes?

At a board of governor's meeting on Tuesday, the NHL discussed changing their current rivalry-driven schedule to a more balanced one.

Plus the link sports a cute shot of Bettman.

I've also spotted rumors of a possible deal with ESPN starting as early as next season... could this be turning around for us American hockey nuts? Versus might be willing to share hockey rights in ESPN is willing to promote Versus games.

Gomez and Drury make their Blueshirt debuts tonight against the Flyers!

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Lucky13 said...

Kerri - I hope you're right about restructuring the schedule. Then maybe the Rangers will play the Preds and I can watch Jed O again!

I thought Gomez and Drury were disappointing at best. Hopefully they are saving their best for reg season. I also heard that Potvin sucks.