Saturday, July 28, 2007

Final Boarding Call

If you haven't bought/rented your DVD by now. You're fucked. But there's still time to run to the Blockbuster and destroy the cashier with your demands. Anyway as a reminder, 9pm (ET) Sunday. Plenty of time. Remember to hit me up on aim ( beforehand or else you'll be screaming and kinda lonely.)


kristin said...

I will be screaming and very lonely...I will be at work until 1 am EST. The work of a cheesemonger is never done!

Tracy said...

You're so pushy when it comes to Mighty Ducks... remind me to never borrow your movie and never give it back, I might wake up dead.

Anonymous said...

he he he he "boarding call"


oh, I crack myself up.

I need a life!