Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Five, July 20

Five o'clock on Friday = IM from Leanne, "Friday? Five?" My response? Something that starts with 'F'.

  1. Tap water or bottled water?
  2. Favourite board game?
  3. One book or movie you've read/seen which you're sure nobody else has.
  4. Do you take a list with you when you do groceries?
  5. Powdered or liquid laundry detergent?


leanne said...

1. Tap water that's been filtered or possibly boiled. Bottled if I can't help it (need water and in a screaming rush, for instance)
2. Favourite? Well...most recently played is Settlers of Catan. Um, it's sort of a cult hit amongst a certain segment of the population. Bet you can't play it just once though.
3. Ohhhhh... I dip into my obscure, out-of-print SF book collection, and draw out... Glen Cook's The Dragon Never Sleeps. It was... good. Stuff blows up.
4. I take a list of stuff that's on sale, but mostly make it up as I go along.
5. Liquid. Then I don't have to worry about it not dissolving and leaving little crusty white things on my clothes.

k.le said...

1. Tap from home or at a fountain, I guess. Bottled if I've forgotten my trusty Nalgene at home and I have to buy.
2. Not a huge fan of board games...but, the most recently played was The Worst Case Scenario Board game at my boyfriend's cottage one rainy weekend. I can fend off killer bees now. BEAT THAT.
3. No one else at hlog or no one the world? I'm not really into super obscure stuff. Maybe Shadowplay, by Clare Asquith? It's not something that's been out of print for years or whatever, but maybe no one here is into reading 350 page long dissertations on Shakespeare.
4. Yes, I hate forgetting something.
5. Liquid. The cheapest kind I can find, which is currently Xtra for about 3 bucks at discount stores.

CapsChick said...

1. I should drink tap water for the fluoride but DC water is scary.
2. Life. Although I haven't played it since I actually became an adult so it might annoy me now...seeing tiny plastic pegs with higher salaries than mine would probably be depressing.
3. I'm so boring and mainstream I honestly can't think of any.
4. I like to think of shopping lists as merely suggestions. Otherwise how would I end up with some of the bizarro foods I've bought?
5. Liquid. Um...I have nothing funny to add. Yay liquid.

KMS2 said...

1. Tap water or bottled water?
I have a Brita filter at home. I don't like paying for bottled water unless I'm going on a road trip or I feel like stocking up in case of an emergency. Like that Big One which was supposed to happen before the year 2000.

2. Favourite board game?
Scrabble and Monopoly are my two favorites.

3. One book or movie you've read/seen which you're sure nobody else has.
The Big Chill. My mom gave it to me a couple years ago and said that it's one of her favorite movies. I watched it and couldn't believe my mom could actually sit through the whole movie let alone actually like it.

4. Do you take a list with you when you do groceries?
Most of the time especially if I'm making something from a recipe I found.

5. Powdered or liquid laundry detergent?
Used to be powdered but now it's liquid that can be used with cold water even when washing whites! But I've heard that powdered is good with hot water and liquid is good with cold.

Jordi said...

1. Boiled water. My mum's a stickler for that. Oh wait, filtered boiled water.

2. Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble. Board games were great since we never fought as much as we though we would when we played it.

3. I'd go with an Australian flick, Razzle Dazzle. About dance troups and commanding mothers and a teacher who is intent on sharing political messages through 12 year old dance routines. Funny stuff a little long though.

4. No, it's always "mushroooms mmmm".

5. Liquid. I don't use the dishwasher. Sad.

Tracy said...

1. Tap water or bottled water?
Bottled. I can't help myself... my tap water here is a tiny bit colored and that's scary.

2. Favourite board game?
I'm going to go with Scene It... me and my visual memory. :)

3. One book or movie you've read/seen which you're sure nobody else has.
I have no idea. Playground by Jennifer Saginor?

4. Do you take a list with you when you do groceries?
I usually make the list and then leave it on my desk when I leave. I'm organized like that...

5. Powdered or liquid laundry detergent?
Liquid because I only use cold water and the powder doesn't dissolve all the way in cold so it leaves this ugly white junk all over my dark clothes. Ick.

Jocelynn said...

1. Filtered tap water, with some lemon juice.

2. Clue. I actually won it once, while hardly paying attention to it 'cause I was watching hockey. My sister and cousin were extremely annoyed.

3. The Yarn Harlot (it's funny, really).

4. Sometimes I make lists, which I forget at home.

5. Liquid.

Rinslet said...

1. Tap water or bottled water?
2. Favourite board game?
No clue? Taboo? Pictionary?
3. One book or movie you've read/seen which you're sure nobody else has.
... XD;; I'm pretty mainstream.
4. Do you take a list with you when you do groceries?
5. Powdered or liquid laundry detergent?

Anonymous said...

Tap water or bottled water?
Tap, unless it's Smart Water. I'm sorta a junkie.

Favourite board game?
Cranium. Or possibly Scrabble (when playing our X rated house rules)

One book or movie you've read/seen which you're sure nobody else has.
Book: The Girl with the Silver Eyes. It's about a bunch of pseudo-mutant teens... one is telekenetic, one is telepathic... it's kinda wierd, and really old.

Do you take a list with you when
you do groceries?
Not usually, unless I'm trying a new recipe.

Powdered or liquid laundry detergent?
Liquid, as I've had one too many unfortunate powder accidents. If they had a spill-proof baby-wipe type container for the powder, I'd be all over it, but the liquid's easier at the laundromat.

(And Jocelynn, WRONG! I've read the Yarn Harlot)

Interchangeable Parts said...

1. Tap water. We used to swear by filtered or bottled water until the Brita at IPB Manor grew mold. Then we magically discovered our tap water was sweet and delicious.

2. Since Power Play is more of a card game, we'll say Wise and Otherwise (Balderdash with world proverbs) or old-school faves like cribbage or Chinese Checkers.

3. First of all, Britannia, "The Girl with the Silver Eyes" came out WHEN WE WERE KIDS! So it's not really old. Just mostly old, thank you very much. Schnookie's answer to this is "Amy's Eyes" by Richard Kennedy; Pookie's is "Yobgorgle" by Daniel Pinkwater.

4. There is always a list involved in grocery shopping. But there's also a lot of flexibility as well and the list is created during an intense weekly-menu planning session on Sundays.

5. Liquid. For some reason IPB Manor's washer has decided to reject all liquid fabric softener, though. It's a little troubling.

Steph said...

1. Tap. I hate paying for water and I'm too lazy to filter it.

2. Oh my god I'm going with Leanne. Settlers of Catan is amazing. AMAZING.

3. Uh. My friends made me sit around and watch Snakes on a Train with them. No, I did not mean Plane. I really did mean Train. All I have to say about that is WE HAVE A WUNAWAY TWAIN. Um.

4. I MAKE lists...and then promptly forget them. Of course, the list that my roommate and I made for our escape tonight (and forgot) looked exactly like:

-paper towel

We ended up with the beer, the nachos, the cellophane, and enough candy and cake mix to round out the $30 we needed for him to get Harry Potter at $7 off.

5. The last I bought was powdered because it was on sale...I will probably never do this again.

Isleschick said...

1. I have to say I'm surprised at all the tap responses. I only drink bottled and filtered. Maybe everyone else has better tasting water. :)

2. It was Monopoly growing up.

3. "Welcome To the Dollhouse" - everyone looks at me funny when I say what an awesome movie this was.

4. If I don't, then I forget what I need.

5. Liquid

HG said...

1. Whatever is around unless the tap water has a boil advisory.
2. I'm new to Settlers but I love it. Old favourite is Endeavour Eleven.
3. Summerland by Michael Chabon.
4. Yes. I love lists. I list everything.
5. Liquid, preferably unscented.

Elly said...

1. Well, the water at my mom's house is the best on earth, but if I can't get that tap water, filtered.

2. I used to love Life and Sorry.

3. Hmmm....The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl was a good book. For a about the 70's remake of The Day of the Triffids?

4. I try to, but I usually end up forgetting it somewhere.

5. Whichever is on sale. :)

Bitchany said...

1. Bottled water...but it has to be's my favorite.
2. NHL-opoly? Haha Life, I liked stackin up the kids.
3. Oh geez...The Lovely Bones?
4. No, I used to, then I did coupons, and now I just go and don't really care.
5. Liquid

KMS2 said...

The Lovely Bones

Read it! And it's definitely mainstream.

And what's the deal with everyone boiling water. Do we live in the 1800s? I assume you aren't boiling water just for tea. I've never heard of anyone doing that for regular drinking water, can someone please explain?

kristin said...

kms2...I'm right there with you on the boiling thing...

hg: unless the tap water has a boil advisory


k.le said...

kms2: i'm going to stick my neck out here, and say that i think it's sort of an asian thing. the water boiling, i mean. i buck the trend in my house because i'm lazy, and if the brita has deemed it worthy, that's good enough for me. however, in a throwback to her pre-immigration days, my mom (as well as the rest of my family) ADAMANTLY REFUSES to drink unboiled water.

Margee said...

1. I don't drink anything without alcohol or artificial sweetner in it. So, bottled. Easier to conceal one or the other.
2. Trivial Pursuit. Has caused multiple rifts in my wonky family.

3. The Handy Girls Can Fix It. A picture book that was my first feminist reader. Though looking back, the Handy Girls were really good with power tools and had great haircuts. Som they might have just been lesbians.
4. A list is a must-have. Burnouts can never stay on point in Stop n' Shop.

5. Fun fact: I've never really done my own laundry. When I was in college, there was a boy who did it for me cause he had a little crush on me and loved doing laundry, my mom did it otherwise, and when I moved out, I shipped it out. I didn't even know there was a choice between powdered and liquid!

Schnookie said...

Margee, I've never done my laundry either. Pookie does it for me.

Bottled water drinkers -- be advised that many major bottled waters are just tap water from the local areas where they're bottled. Many restaurants now refuse to serve bottled water, because with all the plastic packaging involved it's just an environmentally irresponsible way to drink tap water.

Of course, I've never heard of bottled water that comes with a boil advisory, so maybe it does have something going for it there! :P

KMS2 said...

k.le: my mom was born and raised in Japan and I swear I've heard her talk about drinking water from a well in the backyard when she was growing up, but as long as I remember she's never boiled water. I should ask her if she boiled water growing up.

Margee: I was in San Diego when the Red Sox came to play and there tons of BoSox fans roaming the streets. We saw one walking with a water bottle and my bf said, "you know why Boston people carry around water bottles? Because they're filled with vodka"

Meg said...

Bottled water drinkers -- be advised that many major bottled waters are just tap water from the local areas where they're bottled.

Yup, Dasani for example, is London tap water. Coke filters it (although London's water is already clean) and then adds calcium, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate for taste.

Although actually, the tap water brands are probably a better choice than "spring water" because "spring water" suppliers don't necessarily have to meet the same strict standards that many tap water suppliers do.

leanne said...

Hmm. Interesting.

It probably is an Asian thing (Chinese for me), but I usually have boiled water on hand anyways as a by-product of making tea.

I do find that it improves the taste of chlorinated water (which is how tap water most places I've lived has been treated) somewhat.

Anonymous said...

1. Bottled. Tap is yucky in my city.
2. Monopoly or Life
3. The Code. Its about hockey's fighting rules and conduct.
4. Sure, otherwise I forget stuff
5. Liquid and free of all dyes or perfumes.