Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Hate Everything

I hate the off-season.

I hate and all of its stupid, conflicting rumors (e4).

I hate that even though I hate, I can't stop reading it (e5). (Seriously, Garth buy a $#@!%^$ grammar guidebook and use the damn spellcheck!)

I hate Chris Drury and Danny Briere for not being as emotionally attached to us as we are to them.

I hate Darcy Regier for being so unsentimental about the players on his team. (Today. Some days I love him for that.)

I hate not know what's going to happen, I hate thinking something is going to happen when nothing happens at all.

I hate the doom and gloom in Buffalo, I hate all the fans pissing and moaning about things that haven't even happened yet.

I hate the off-season.


Kate said...

Argh! I hate everything too Heather!

Mostly, I hate how anytime anything happens in this town everyone gets all worked up, like whether or not Chris Drury stays here is a direct indication of both our worth as a city, and a harbinger of Buffalo's literal future.

How did my self esteem get wrapped up in Chris Drury's California summer home?!

I hate everything too!!!!

Heather B. said...

Kate, yes! Once again you've gone beyond what I said to what I was really feeling, especially in that second paragraph.

Ellie said...

is it october yet? off season blows.

Jordi said...

I really think I need the offseason to calm my mind, yet I still feel that I should be looking out for unexpected hockey! I've been dreaming about it lately!

CapsChick said...

They were showing clips of Caps hockey last night at the draft party thingy and then some of the guys were skating around in front of me - I almost started crying, it was so wonderful to see.

Grrr. I hate the offseason too.