Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome To The World, Baby Yotes!!

The NHL Draft... one of the most terrible and wonderful things of all time. You anticipate it for weeks and when it finally gets here you dread it because you are sure that your management is going to make a monumental mistake. They really should call you to find out what to do next because everyone knows that you, and only you, really know what's best for your team, the management are just stupid goons who have no clue what they're doing. Or wait, is that just me that feels that way? Moving on!

Coyotes... we had the 3rd pick. Had I been the GM, my pick would've involved JVR because the Coyotes need LWers. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately; I haven't decided yet), I am not the GM and those pesky Flyers snuck in and stole my pick right out from under my nose. It's okay though, Kyle Turris was my next pick and he'll do some amazing things, I'm sure, but he's a center. That makes him inherently evil, right? Hello? Anyone?

Next up we had the 21st pick which we promptly traded for #30 & #36. Yay us! Now we have #30, #32 and #36 all in a row, how exciting (but in the back of my mind, scary). Nick Ross (#30, who wasn't there), Brett Maclean (#32, our first pick of the second round) and Joel Gistedt (#36). Okay, so we got a defenseman, our highly coveted LW and a goalie. Wait, a goalie AND a left wing one after another? You're telling me that Coyotes management did something right for a change? Is this a dream?

We have no third round picks so we must wait patiently for every other team to select... still waiting... still waiting. HURRY UP, ALREADY!! Oh, they're done? It's my turn? The cameras just caught me screaming profanity's? Oops. Damage control, tell them I have tourrette's syndrome; they'll believe me, I'm sure.

#103, Vladimir Ruzicka (Center). #123, Maxim Goncharov (Defense). #153 (and my personal favorite) Scotty Darling (Goalie).

So you mean to tell me that we ended up with 2 centers, 2 defenseman, 2 goalies and a left wing? It almost sounds like we know what we're doing... if I didn't know any better, I mean.

I know I stated that Scott Darling was my personal favorite - here's why. His name is Scott Darling. Can you get any more awesome than that? I have absolutely no idea what he looks like and honestly I've never even heard of him before but that's an amazing name and I can't wait to call him Scotty Darling face to face.

By bringing in 2 defensemen, I'd say the Coyotes are pretty much declaring that they're wanting to get rid of some of the D we already have. My guess? Derek Morris and/or Nick Boynton. I'm sure they'd also love to ship off Ed Jovanovski but there aren't many clubs willing to take on his steep contract so I'm relatively sure that he'll still be in a Coyote sweater next season.

All in all, not too bad of a draft as far as the Coyotes are concerned. We didn't get anything extremely amazing (unless you count Turris) but we did fairly well considering the state of the draft this year. Side note? I really wanted Angelo Esposito and I was upset when it seemed like no one else did. The Pens drafting him really just gives me one more reason to hate them, haha. Also, I half-wish that we would've gotten Alexei Cherepanov to add to our collection of Russian kids... Ahh well, looking back never works out very well so I'll just be content with what we DID get, for this week anyway.


Heather B. said...

I never saw Kyle Turris before last night but for some reason I really, really liked him. I'm jealous!

Heather B. said...

Also, Kyle looks to be the same age as my sixth graders in that picture.

Tracy said...

I KNOW!! He really does look so young. I don't remember looking that young when I was his age (which wasn't all that long ago).

Jordi said...

I'm so excited by the new kids. Of course half of them will move on to different teams but it's interesting as hell thinking of what will happen. But, it could've been better!

DCSportsChick said...

I like the Coyotes a lot after attending a game there (I adore Shane Doan). Hope they do well next season!

Tracy said...

Jordi - I'm with you! I get so excited thinking about them at the time and then it pops back in my head that I won't get to watch the majority of them play for my team.

DC - Yes, Doan is a doll. He helps draw in a lot of people. :)