Saturday, June 23, 2007

Draft Day #1 - The tales from a girl far away

I've been completely knackered lately, and the last thing I remember was telling people that I would be up bright and early to catch the first round pick of the draft and to also destroy all mankind (I'm looking at you Pronger). However, at 11AM, I slowly woke up from a dreamy slumber dreaming about getting a tattoo (now that is all kinds of crazy) and the Jordi household was treated to her screaming "OH MY GOD I MISSED THE DRAFT!", almost breaking her back slipping on a stray piece of note paper (courtesy of exam preparations) and climbing on the computer to type in addresses that I had known like the back of my hand ( didn't help me at all unfortunately).

And that was how the first round draft started, and then ended for me. It was not as exciting as I hoped. Sister Jordi (who shall be from now on be called Bea) calmed me down from my hysterics ("Look, it's your fault for going out so late at night." "IF I DIDN'T GO OUT WOULD TOSKALA HAVE STAYED!?" -- My sources informed me that yes, if I did not go out that night, Toskala and all order would have been saved) and treated me to lunch. I had the salmon, she had the chicken. I don't think she would really get the draft talk so we exhausted the most important topics before we even started.

As Bea drove me home, she decided that she needed to pick up knitting wool for a charity drive she was doing. In order to cheer me up (I think that was it), she helped me purchase a size 11 set of knitting needles, 100grams of orange wool and 100 grams of blue wool in which she would then teach me to knit a basic scarf. It was at that pitiful moment, when I was convincing her that blue and orange were completely beautiful colours, I realised how much I missed hockey. (because nothing says hard hitting checks and goal scoring like a wool scarf)

The offseason is starting girls (and boys), but everyday I wake up wishing it was over already.

Actual draft-related highlights

  • As Jocelynn said, the poor Russian kid who wanted to play hockey so hard no one drafted him. (except for the Rangers but they're mythical)
  • It was either the water cooler or Angelo Esposito. (I kid, I kid)
  • The five (in total) completely squee-worthy Oilers and Habs picks (Max Pacioretty has a name just begging to be renamed Max Pretty)
  • Oh yeah, that Capitals... thingy with the... Sorry.
So how was your draft day?

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CapsChick said...

The Caps new jersey is really not that bad, guys, I promise you. It looks much sharper in person, and even better up close. The red one is nicer than the white but honestly the pictures online don't really do it justice.

Ahem. Or maybe its the proximity to Ben Clymer in the uniform that made it not that bad for me...hard to tell.