Thursday, May 31, 2007

repping australia.

This post is in honour of pirated HNIC Tivo and my first NHL Playoff game this season.

So last night i got to watch the Ducks (*insert booing and hissing of chris pronger*) vs Sens (*insert cheers of Patrick Eaves's fabulousness, some serious awesome playoff beards, and dany heatley's hair*). Admittedly the broadcast quality was terrible! and the only way we knew where the puck was, was thanks to the movement of the player with it, but it was still hockey!

Admittedly the game, to me wasn't all that exciting, it was GOOD end to end action, but there was far to little scoring for my liking. Yes Yes. I know.

But beside the Sens loosing, a good night was had by all (myself, wendy a fellow australian hockey fan and her hockey loving husband) as we cheered on both teams, argued heatedly about anything to do with hockey (i felt so normal with people who KNEW what i was talking about!)

I must say though, Mike Fisher's beat down of corey perry, including losing his helmet and going after him again, was one of the highlights of my night, in addition to Dany Heatley's minor tussle with Chris Pronger, which had me going "Now lets think this through. Good idea? No. Didn't think so"

In AIHL news, (That's the Australian Ice Hockey League for all those who don't know) The Brisbane Bluetongues (my homeboys! and the team I do fanclub photography for) recorded a win and a loss on the weekend against the Sydney Ice Dogs (the bottom of the ladder team, seemingly made up of half of the Australia IceHockeyrooos.)

Stars of the Weekend include Martin Paquet, Matt Amado and Tyrone Garner, Former Oshawa General and once Calgary Flame, 3 of the teams Imports.

The team play again on the 2nd in Newcastle, against reigning champions the North Stars (Who they've recorded a 1 - 1 mark this season against, the hangover after the first win the reason for the second loss) and on the 3rd the Sydney Bears.

The team next home game is the 23/24 of June versus the Melbourne Ice,

Hey Jordi, Bets on who's team wins? Yours or mine? :-) (You should have so come to visit, You could sleep on my couch)

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