Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Predictions? Superstitions?

Well, I claim that I am not superstitious, but apparently I have some things to admit to. I won't make a prediction on the SJ v. Nashville series because I don't want to jinx my Sharks. I also refrained from wearing teal underwear today as that never seems to bode well for them either (I'm sure it is just coincidence but I'd rather not take any chances). Like AnaheimDuckFan, I will make predictions for all of the others.

Here are my picks: Buffalo, New Jersey, Atlanta, Ottawa (they scored as I typed, Detroit, Vancouver. Those are all just hunches, really. What I have a feeling will happen.

Here is what I would prefer: Buffalo (I like Buffalo), Tampa Bay (really hate Jersey), Atlanta (would like to see them win in their first playoff series), Ottawa (not a Pittsburgh fan and hey, Ottawa just scored again), Calgary (really really despise Detroit). As for Vancouver and Dallas: well, how do I choose? I really can't as I dislike Luongo and Turco in equal measures.

I have a SharkPack, which gets me one game in each round. Here are my tickets, featuring Hannan and Cheechoo (wearing his Zoolander face).

Little Rant about clothing stains: So, the Sharks handed out t-shirts on Fan Appreciation Day and it was actually a pretty nice shirt. Comfy and it says, "This is Sharks playoff territory," which is the campaign for the post season (businesses all over downtown have these signs in their windows). I was pleased. Then I spilled olive oil on it. I pretreated. The stains came out! I washed it. The stains were nowhere to be found. But when I took it out to wear I found two other stains that I had not seen! Is wearing a stained Sharks shirt bad luck, too?

Just for fun, here is a really bad picture I took of Sharkie when he came to a recycling assembly at my school.


Paige said...

Haha, I'm watching the game now too! Of course, I wish I wasn't because I really, really hate the Sens.

k.le said...

i have nothing of value to add, but i like sharkie. intimidating, yet oddly cuddly.

Sherry said...

I love Sharkie too, they're my team in the west.

I also have to laugh at the fact that Cheechoo also has a Zoolander face because it is so true. Would you say that's more of a Blue Steel or Magnum?

Jocelynn said...

So, my principal tells us that principals hate Sharkie 'cause he gets the kids all crazy and something always happens (like one of my 3rd graders getting knocked down and his sensitive parts stepped on as kids rushed Sharkie)...and as he's telling us this I'm thinking, "Oh, so that's why you weren't there and I was the only teacher to be found." Probably not a good idea to have such an assembly during lunch.

Sherry, it is my friend Chip's opinion that it is a Blue Steel face.

Speaking of Cheechoo; if his knee is bad I will be depressed. I'm feeling pessimistic.

Heather B. said...

I'm so jealous of all these photo decorated tickets! I'm assuming the season ticket holders' tickets probably look something like that because their regular season tickets had players on them. Lowly mini-pack holders just get the standard ticket.

Hoping Cheechoo's not too bad! I don't want anyone going down with injuries!

Jocelynn said...

I have a minipack (otherwise known as SharkPack) of 10 games and we still get the fancy tickets. Sorry for your plain tix, Heather B!

Heather B. said...

Well, I guess they work just the same, you know? I still get to be AT THE FRIGGIN' GAME!!!!!!!!!

Jordi said...

Oh god, imagine if Youppi turned up in my ridculously boring Media Studies class - I like it.

Sheesh Cheech needs like an armour suit next time he steps on the ice.