Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm Feeling Daring

So yeah, this year for the playoff pool, I had some funny ideas for my choices, but here they are anyways:

Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Islanders - Sabres - Obviously, I'm not superstitious. I just love my boys, and no one can convince me they are not going all the way. (Deal with it!)

New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lightening - Devils - Tampa Bay has a pretty good offense, but they don't have a chance against the Devils' lethal defense. This time, pretty good just isn't gonna cut it.

Atlanta Thrashers vs. New York Rangers - Rangers - No real reason for this one, I'm just hopeful, and I'm pretty sure the Sabres can beat the Rangers when they meet them in Round 2.
Ottawa Senators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins - Penguins - A fellow female fan told me this, "So it looks like it's experience vs. a young, fast, inexperienced team; I'm betting on the Sens." This got me thinking, wasn't there a certain inexperienced, young, fast team that played Ottawa last year in the playoffs? And what was the outcome of that?

Detroit Red Wings vs. Calgary Flames - Flames - Okay, this one is just a hopeful wish.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Minnesota Wild - Ducks - I know the Wild has some sound defense, but so does Anaheim, and I just think that the Ducks play a more solid game that will flourish now, in the post season.

Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars - Stars - I just like them better, and I think they can win if they take shots often, and really work to get the puck behind Luongo.

Nashville Predators vs. San Jose Sharks - Predators - I know that they're on a bit of a skid right now, and the Sharks are doing well, but I hope that the Preds can step up to the plate.

Finally- Who do I think will meet at the Cup finals?
Right now, I'm thinking the Ducks will be battling it out (and losing) to my boys. But if I'm right, and the Preds step up, then they have a real good chance too.

Okay, I just thought this was really funny- Apparently, Sidney Crosby is now a Superhero, well, at least an action figure.

Also, this might be why they always play those Penguin's games on Versus-
How Sidney Crosby saved Versus


Sherry said...

I think this whole "young and inexperienced" tag they've suited up with the Penguins is a bit misleading. True, they are certainly a lot less experienced in that they have a lot of rookies who have never been in the playoffs, but their average age is higher than that of the Senators' squad and they have two guys on their team who have won cups and at least one more who has gone deep in the playoffs.

Just sayin' :D

Heather B. said...

I think it's an overrated idea anyway. As Paige pointed out, the Sabres were in the same boat last year with a load of guys who'd never played in the post-season and they came within a period of going to the Cup finals. It's all about the individuals involved.

Elly said...

Sherry/Heather b: You both have good points, and really, I think they need to stop harping on the point of the Pens being young. We know. We get it. And really, they've already proved to be a good team, and if anything, I think it'll be an advantage.

Well, on Saturday, that is.

Elly said...

Oh, and that radio clip killed me. I've seen the Sidney figure before, and it just cracks me up.

Paige said...

Yea, I wasn't meaning to be insulting in any way, but they were a lot like the Sabres last year, and look where they ended up. Plus, I am definantley a Pens fan, so Go Pens!

k.le said...

hi, i can't study, so here's another comment of 0 value...
i've been surfing hockey blogs all day so if people are curious why their hit stats are oddly inflated...yeah, it's me...

paige: it was sort of whoever asked first...elly did, and that's why i'm a pens fan...
as an aside, i hear we might make an attempt to poach briere and bring him over to our side...eeeee!

aquietgirl said...

I want to buy that doll just to break it.

That's right -- DOLL!

The Wanderer said...

I came across this blog yesterday while I was poking around to see who was saying what (slow day at work) and I have become a fan. I have to say that I agree with you girls that listening to everyone talk about how young the Pens are is getting old. Aside from that, it adds pressure for them to perform but if they have a rough game then them being young turns into a bad thing so they are always under a microscope Anyway, hopefully Saturday will go better.

Anonymous said...

Omg!! ive been playing hockey since i was very young and i have been watching it even longer i live in pittsburgh and have a strong attatchment to my Penguins!! gotta luv em!! and just last year i got even more attatched the first time i saw his face... Sidney Crosby Rules!!!!