Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So it begins!

Got my tickets today for Game #1 of the Dallas Stars vs Vancouver Canucks playoff series. I'm very excited since this is my first ever playoff game, and I've been saving up for those tickets since... Christmas. :D I'm kind of jealous of the Canucks season ticket holders. They get customized playoff tickets:I wish my tickets were as pretty. :(

Anyway, is anyone else going to any playoff games this year? Does your team have any cool slogan or something to pump the fans up?

The Canucks have "Believe in Blue" going this year, along with the more traditional "Towel Power". I think they're trying to start the "Believe in Blue" tradition because I've heard that we're permanently switching to a predominantly blue (vintage blue!) jersey next year. I guess they've also decided that the Vancouver fans need a more permanent color now, after our jersey colors must have changed 3472347823 times over the years.

Good luck to the hloggers whose teams made the playoffs. :D I would have made predictions, but I don't want to jinx any team.


Jordi said...

Towel power. *explodes*

CapsChick said...

Playoffs? What are these playoffs you speak of? :P

Seriously, the last playoff game I went to was back in 1998. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota Wild's slogan is Fight to the End.

Paige said...
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Paige said...

The Sabres have said "One Team. One Goal" all season, and "Now Do You Beleive" started last playoffs.

-Nice fingernails ;)

Heather B. said...

Rinslet, did you make it through the game okay? I really should've turned the TV off after the first OT but I was determined to watch to the end. I just didn't realize how far away the end was going to be. Geez! An exciting first playoff game, huh?

Steph said...

Detroit's going with RIDE THE RED WAVE or JOIN THE RED WAVE or something equally ridiculous....I really have no idea.

Rinslet said...

heather b.

X( My mom made us go home after the 2nd ot. My brother had an exam the next day and she forced me to leave. x_x;;; If I had stayed, even I took the train home, I would still need her to pick me up and... she wouldn't. x_x;;; So I had no choice but go home after double OT. *cries*

At least I got home in time for the 4th OT... XD;; and watched the goal. BUT I AM SO ANGRY. X( My brother didn't tell me he had an exam on Thursday, if I had known I would have bought game 2 tickets instead. ROAR. aughasdjfajkdslfka ds dhfa jdjfasdfad *dies*