Sunday, April 15, 2007

Better late than never?

With all the talk about playoff hair, it reminded me that I haven't posted my superstitions or playoff stands for this week.'s a go at it.

I actually just started thinking about what my superstitions are since reading about the topic here. Really, I don't have a lot of them. I think the biggest thing that a fan can do for their team is just to really believe in them. Do I think the Pens have a chance at winning the Cup and beating out (most likely) Anaheim? Sort of. Will I still cheer my heart out and use every fiber of my being to try to pump in just a little bit extra oomph through the television screen into Sidney Crosby's head? You betcha. The minute the fans start to think, 'Eh,'ll be nice to watch a game, even if they're going to lose' is the minute that it all starts to go downhill.

The only actual superstitious thing I've done lately is wear the same shirt without washing it. And yes, that is a little weird, but as a disclaimer, it's about 3 times too big for me and there's always something else underneath it, and I only wear it for the games. Besides, I live alone with my pets, and they really don't care. I think I am going to shave, though, waitressing with hairy armpits will probably drop my tips substantially.

As for the playoffs, here's how I think it'll go down for the first round:

-Pens/Sens= Penguins win it in 7
-Sabres/Isles=Sabres in 6
-Thrashers/Rangers=Rangers in 4
-Devils/TB=Tough one, but Devils in 6

-Flames/Wings=Flames in 7 (Speaking of playoff beards, Kipper needs to grow one. All of his magical powers reside in his beard)
-Sharks/Preds=Sharks in 5
-Canucks/Stars=Canucks in 6 (maybe 7)
-Ducks/Wild=Ducks in 4

How do other people feel? Have your teams lived up to your expectations? I'm happy with how the Pens have played for the most part (don't get me started on the 1st game, though), and the Senators have been absolutely unreal. Thoughts?


Ellie said...

maybe two crosby shirts will be better than one? tuesday i'll sport mine and hopefully we'll win : )

i wouldn't say i'm terribly happy with how the pens have played - i find myself saying every game "thank god for marc andre fluery!" i know we can do better than we have. like shooting the puck more - that usually helps. but i do agree that the sens have been unreal...

The Wanderer said...

Fluery has gotten a lot of flack (especially after game one) but really, without him, it would not be a pretty picture. I agree that we can do better than er have been, and that we need to shoot more - a lot more.

Elly said...

Ellie: I'm going to layer on as many Penguins things as I can tomorrow in the hopes of seeping it into my blood stream. I'm going to have to leave the jersey at home, though. Sigh.

I'm becoming less and less pleased with their play as the time goes on. Really, they are a better team than this, and they need to start showing it or they're boned.

The wanderer: I'm going to become a hippie. My new slogan? FLOWER POWER. Sheesh, that man has saved the Pens asses consistantly, time for the rest of the team to step it up.