Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who has Boston used and abused from Providence so far this season?

Among the first names I can think of:

Jon Sigalet. (D)
Dave Krejci. (F)
Bobby Allen. (D)
Jeremy Reich. (F)
Mark Stuart. (D)
Hannu Toivonen. (G)
Petr Tenkrat. (F)
Matt Lashoff. (D)
Jeff Hoggan. (F)
Phil Sauve. (G)
Brian Finley. (G)

Of those names, Jon, Dave, Mark, Hannu, Matt, and Jeff are all on Providence's Clear Day roster. Brian Finley was put on IR with groin surgery and is not on the Clear Day roster. Phil Sauve was reassigned to Hamilton (Montreal) for Aaron Downey, and is not on Providence's Clear Day roster. Bobby, Petr, and Jeremy are not on the Clear Day lists; they will stay with Boston until the bitter end. Good for them, bad for Providence.

Of all those boys, the defensemen (Jon, Matt, Mark) are the most likely to stick with Boston next year. Mark and Matt were both called up and remained with Boston for several consecutive games. Jonathan was one of the last cuts at the start of the season, and if he doesn't make the big team out of camp next season, I will be truly shocked. He hasn't been recalled as often as he should have been because of a shoulder injury. Everyone else... it is not a matter of them not having the skillz to pay the billz; it is a matter of their contracts. It's unlikely that Hannu will choose to remain with Boston, and I am not sure the length left on Jeremy's or Bobby's contracts. Dave Krejci is on his first year of a rookie deal, and will probably be back and forth next season. Matt Lashoff is on his first full year of a rookie deal. Mark and Jonathan are both on their second years of rookie deals. Hannu is in his final year of a rookie deal.

But I don't want to think about next year. I'm not ready for that yet.

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