Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is it naive to be cautiously optimistic?

Okay, so a few days ago, I wasn't so impressed with the acquisition of Mr. Perreault. But he appears to be the only guy on the team that can score on something other than a hard slapshot (or that panicky mess in front of the net when the puck is loose and everyone is madly hacking away at its general vicinity hoping to get a piece of it)...and you know, you have to start from somewhere. And he actually made a little move on our shootout on Saturday Friday (oops...had an off brain moment), not like the usual modus operandi of the rest of the team, which seems to involve just skating really fast and trying to blast the puck through the goalie.
I don't think it's so bad that we gave up Brendan Bell. We have a lot of decent young defencemen, and nothing comes for free...although granted, I suppose we could have tried for more.

Here's the list of non-leafy men I cheer for.
Ovechkin -self explanatory, I think. I like to watch people having fun.
Spezza -Because he can score on a regular basis...and maybe because he's sorta cute. Did what's left of my credibility just fly out the window?
Roenick -Not that I see him play that often. But I'd cheer for him in any of his cheesy acting roles.
Anson Carter -A hometown boy. I was hoping he'd sign with the Leafs in the off-season. Maybe it's just as well, since his season hasn't been that spectacular so far. Wait...so he'd fit right in...

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aquietgirl said...

Heehee, you think Giggles is cuuuuutteee.