Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday Giggles with Cabbie

Make yourself comfortable, grab some popcorn, maybe even a beverage (but don't choke) and settle in to let Cabbie from The Score make you laugh.

No really, please don't choke.


Sherry said...

Haha I love the one with the NHL elite. The man has a great job. And is just so weird.

Here's a nice interview with Dion you might enjoy.

I have to admit, everytime somebody says his name I do the "Dun-nuh-nuh-nah-nah!" bit.

Steph said...

Awwww remember when you were yelling at me for not appreciating Dion? I think he just got a little more love.

(Am I digging my hole deeper if I add a little bit of Darcy!squee, though?)

hockeygirl said...

Sherry: Do you really think I missed that? I mean, come on! J/K - I had it up on ye olde blog sometime in December.

Steph: You better put some gloves on. Thick, heavy work gloves to protect your hands from calluses.

Shan said...

They combined Darcy Tucker, who I dislike, with MEGATRON, who I love. I am so conflicted.

And then it says PREDAKING. Someone is a huge Transformer fan in that production.

I've always liked Cabbie, I didn't know he moved to The Score.

Objectionable Conduct said...

I love Cabbie. Seriously. Loved Mario totally dissing him. Loved Ovechkin talking about two ladies, a cigar, and vodka. Loved Jason Spezza blushing like a little girl. Loved Eric Staal looking like a hottie, as always. ('Cause no one ever guessed that I love the Staals lol) Dion Phaneuf's lack of musical talent is always awesome to see, but at least he admitted he'd need an 8X10 to accept a prom invitation lol. Loved Army and Jordan Staal in the kiss cam one. Didn't care for the homophobic basketball players lol. Army's idea of selling his car on the jumbotron was awesome.

Jordi said...

I'm probably the only one who was not part of the Cabbie fanclub. He makes great interviews though.