Thursday, March 01, 2007


I've been neglecting the HLOG for a little while, but it was for good reason, I promise. I've been working on a hockey-related site here. Just a little shameless plugging. ;) Anway, my favorite non-Lightning player is Miikka Kiprusoff. While it may seem strange to think that I root for the goaltender of the team that my favorite team beat for the Stanley Cup a few years ago, I promise it makes sense. At least in my head. ;) It was very hard to watch the Stanley Cup finals in 2004, for that reason. I always have a soft spot for goaltenders (my boyfriend being one), and I absolutely adore Kipper. I have no valid reason. Other than that he's a goaltender. He was the third string/forgotten goalie in San Jose, and then, once shipped off to Calgary, is leading the NHL in GAA and winning a Vezina one season later. He reminds me of the former quarterback of my all-time favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers (although I would rather Kipper not end up as Maddox did...). Came out of nowhere and led the team to an improbable finish.

Miikka last season was in the top ten for all goalie stats, including winning the Vezina with votes on all ballots. I love his quiet demeanor, and the way he celebrated his second shootout win EVER last night (improving to a grand total of 2-11). He's such a position goalie, so his saves may not look flashy or hard, that's just because he's in the perfect position 95% of the time. He's like the opposite of Dominik Hasek, not really flashy, but there when it matters.

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