Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Secrets

Who do I secretly cheer for outside my beloved Detroit Red Wings? Well, here's a brief list in no particular order.

1) Joe Sakic (like my man, Steve Yzerman, he's classy and a great player)
2) Mike Modano (ever since I can remember watching hockey, I've liked Modano)
3) Brendan Shanahan (ok so he was a Wing for a loong time, but he's with the NYR now and I miss hearing the Irish Jig at the Joe)
4) Henrik Lundqvist (he's Swedish, already won an Olympic gold medal, & had a great rookie year)
5) Vinny Lecavalier (hot AND a fantastic player, how could you not cheer for him?)
6) Alexander Ovechkin (he's a great overall athlete and seems like he's a fun guy to hang around with)
7) Sidney Crosby (I know, how can I cheer for both Ovie & Crosby? But I love them both)


Sherry said...

I think it's possible to cheer for both Crosby and Ovechkin, they've done wonders for the league. Really my dislike for Ovechkin is completely irrational, haha.

And Sakic! How can anybody not like him? He's such a talent and such a class act.

Leah said...

My husband has a Sakic jersey and it pains me to see him wearing Avs stuff. But I have to admit the guy is classy...