Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dirty Little Secrets....

Seriously, this weeks challenge challenges me to reveal some seriously dirty little secrets that no Habs fan should ever be forced to reveal. However, since I have been AWAL for several weeks due to moving, a trip home to Saskatchewan (GO WINDCHILLERS, lol) , and general work related stress.

So who do I cheer for even when they are playing my baby Habs? Oh boy, this is going to be a long ass list.

First and foremost, I always cheer for the Saskatchewan boys.

  1. Chris Kunitz - Love the Regina boys.
  2. Travis Moen - And the Speedy Creek boys.
  3. Getzzy - I seriously don't get the Getzzy is hot thing, but he is from Regina, even if he is a NORTH ENDER. Ewww.
  4. Nathan Paestch - Word on the street said boy is crazy hung
  5. Rhett Warrner - Boy is nice to look at.
  6. Regher x 2 - Reghers like to party. I like to party. Its a match made in Saskatchewan.
  7. Cam Ward - Boy wore a Saskatchewan Roughriders hat at the Stanley Cup victory parade - that alone deserves mad love from Saskatchewan
  8. Brett Clark - HATE the Avs. Love him. Besides he's a former Hab.
  9. Brendan Morrow - the poor boy is from CARLYLE. He deserves some love.
  10. Stolly - DESPITE the Rachel Hunter thing.
  11. Nick Schultz - His family rocks, and his younger brother Jesse is HOT as hell.
  12. Redden - He was BORN in Lloyd, but he's from Hillmond. Unless you're from Saskatchewan, you probably don't even know where Hillmond is.
  13. Schaeffer x 2 - Awesome family. Awesome. Apart from the fact that Yellow Grass SUCKS.
  14. ARMY - Mad love to Army. He's hilarious. Unfortunately, he's from Saskatoon.
  15. Jamie Heward - A Regina boy, he's a great guy.

Now I am aware that there are more Saskatchewan boys out there. Those 15 or so get MAD LOVE from me. I always want those boys to have good games, no matter what. That said, there are some other boys out there that I have MAD LOVE for.

  1. Pears - He's adorable, and Burkie keeps putting him on the trade wires. No fair.
  2. Neidermaynia - Scott and Rob are among the nicest guys I have ever met.
  3. Sidney Crosby - He got robbed last year when he didn't get the Calder.
  4. Staal x4 - Why are there only 4 of them? Seriously. They are all HOT, even if admitting that could get me arrested.
  5. Vinnie - Hot and he played in Wilcox. Damn.
  6. Brad - Again, he's fine and he played in Wilcox.
  7. The ENTIRE 2005 Team Canada World Junior's Squad - Those boys ended the drought, many were/are hotties, and I mean, they won. Mad love to the boys who ended the drought.
  8. Patrick Coulombe - Have you ever seen him? He's adorable.
  9. Michael Peca - I know, I know he plays for the Laffs now, but I have always loved his style of play. I can't help myself.
  10. All Quebecois Goalies - I can't help myself. I still have a teenage girl crush on Theodore. Biron is hilarious. MAF is adorable. Quebecois goalies are cute, and they have accents. I have to show mad love.

So there it is folks. My long list of players I love and want to do well. I know its a long list, but I love my boys....


Paige said...

You have a lot of "MAD LOVE" to give out! haha I forgot to mention, I love the Staal's too. Oh, and JP Dumont too, I forgot b/c I feel he is still on the Sabres, b/c he WAS my favorite. Somehow, that makes it difficult for me to wish badly of the Preds.

Objectionable Conduct said...

Damn straight. I can't just give out love its not enough, gotta give MAD LOVE. Especially if I want those boys to do well against my Habs.

It didn't help that my white ass was listening to 50 Cent when I was writing that blog. I always end up sounding like I want to be black when that happens.

Sasky said...

WJC 2005. Ahhh man so so much love there.

The staals. They're like the jackson 5 just not black!

Sherry said...

And there's only 4 of them, haha?

Actually don't they have a sister? I'm betting she's the best hockey player of the pack.

Objectionable Conduct said...

WJC 2005 - its the team to love. I mean you've got Neufy, Webs, Fraz, Clarkey, Getzzy, Sid the Kid, Bergy, Pears, Syv, Barker, Laddy, Reggie, Brook, Cobbs, Patrice, Carter, Mikey, Dixie, and Tony. How can you NOT love them?