Thursday, March 08, 2007

Up, Down, Up, Down

My Blues have endured some goalie injuries this season, therefore calling up both back-ups. Jason Bacashihua saw some ice time, but didn't fare well. Marek Schwarz also got to get in between the NHL pipes, but those games didn't end in his favor either. Both definitely showed potential though. So I'm certainly not counting them out. The Blues have had goalie problems for years. So the development of young goalies into strong starters will definitely be advantageous in the future.

David Backes has earned a place in the top three stars on He's developing well and should continue to be an asset for the team. He's here to stay.

Yan Stastny has been called up briefly but didn't do much. I think he has potential, of course. He's a Stastny. His brother happens to be in the limelight right now for his outstanding rookie season. Let's hope Yan follows suit.

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Steph said...

I'm so glad to see you guys resigned Manny for another two years, speaking of goalies - I admit I was upset about him ending up there after last season, but seeing him prove himself out there this second half of the season despite the injuries and I'm really glad he'll have a chance to keep doing that.

So take care of him for me!