Wednesday, February 21, 2007

There's No Such Thing as "Losers"...

...only people who "don't win".

If you haven't heard, to wrap up the general managers meetings this week in Naples, Florida, the GMs today debated the hotly contested and controversial issue of...whether or not wins should be rewarded three points instead. Alternatively then, it would be two points for an overtime win and one point for an overtime loss. They do this in international play such as the Olympics and IIHF competitions. Anaheim's GM, Brian Burke, however, thinks it's "dumb":

"I think our game is good, I think our points system is good, our fans are just finally learning to understand it. And now we're going to change it? It's just dumb for me, it's just dumb."

See? He thinks it's dumb.

I also like Jim Kelley's take on it though:

Our take: I win, you lose. Two points for a win in regulation time, one for a win in overtime or a shootout (thereby putting an emphasis on winning in regulation time) and nothing for a loss. It's a simple game, one team wins, and one team loses. It works for baseball, football, basketball, even golf for crying out loud. What the hell makes hockey so special that it needs to award points for LOSING?

Because hockey is about making people feel good, Kelley! That's why!

On to Actual Winners...:
Our poor weekly topic got completely neglected last week so here's my take on who I would give some of the NHL hardware to this year:

Jack Adams Award...
I'm tempted to give it to Lindy Ruff again because I felt that he was absolutely deserving last year but I sort of want to give it to Barry Trotz. Trotz has been behind the bench in Nashville through its growing pains days and despite the local's disinterest in the team, he still gets the best out of his team and still puts in a solid effort every night. Nashville has no idea what they're missing.

Calder Memorial Trophy...
I know this is Evgeni Malkin's trophy to lose but given that he's puttered out a little bit, I'm going to give it to Anze Kopitar. Kopitar doesn't have the supporting cast Malkin does in Pittsburgh but still manages to put up great numbers and play a dynamic game. If he was in any other market, he would be getting a lot more recognition for what he does.

Bill Masterston Trophy...
Okay so I don't see how Tomas Vokoun doesn't get it. Coming off a blood disease that took him out for the rest of the '05-'06 season, he's now helped Nashville to the top of the Western conference.

James Norris Trophy...
I get the feeling that it'll be one of Niedermayer or Lidstrom again. But I think Zdeno Chara deserves some consideration. Despite my bitterness, I have to acknowledge he's doing well in Boston. And in my wildest dreams, Anton Volchenkov deserves at least a second glance.

Lady Byng Trophy...
Just for laughs I'm going to give it to Matt Stajan because dude's the most polite player I've ever seen.

Pearson, Vezina and Hart
If your name isn't Roberto Luongo you can forget it. Has Vancouver ever won when he wasn't starting? I'm not even trying to be snarky though because I happen to love Dany Sabourin who finally got his first NHL win last night, good for you!

That's all I got right now. This entry is already way too long for its own good. Of course I'm not compensating for the fact I haven't posted in awhile.


Shan said...

The purpose of the OT point was to make teams less conservative and willing to attack in the extra period. The shootout has now eliminated the need for incentive, because the game will definitely end and one team will get 2 points. The way it is now is fine.

Maybe the All-Star game could mean something by giving every team in the winning conference an extra point (although I see the problems with this idea).

Paige said...

I don't know about the Hart trophy. As much as I hate him, Ovechkin gets my vote.

Heather B. said...

I agree with Kelley on the points. The shootout eliminates the tie, one way or another. There's a winner, there's a loser. The winner should get points, the loser shouldn't. That said, it's not high on my list of things the league needs to focus on. But what's so hard about the current system that Burke things we dummy fans are just figuring it out?

I thought about the awards topic, but my answers were so Eastern conference slanted that I felt kinda bad. I just don't see the Western conference that much.

I don't think the All-Star game should have any bearing on regular season standings at all or playoff seeding or anything of any importance.

Sherry said...

Shan - They usually do recalculation of points near the end of the season to see whether or not it makes a difference in the standings and the only difference it makes in rankings are the bottom few teams who haven't made the playoffs anyways.

Paige - Ovechkin's been in a bit of a slump lately but I can see why some people would vote for him.

Heather B. - I'm amazed at how Western slanted my choices were, haha. Actually Part 2 of my list has a bunch of Ottawa Senators in it, haha.