Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust Pt. 2

Tonight, Daniel Paille, one of our best call-ups - he's been back and forth all season - got hurt. Broken finger, out 2-3 weeks. So now we have SEVEN STARTERS ON IR! Why does God hate us? Why?! Which one of you people has the little Sabres voodoo dolls and how much do I have to pay you to burn the remainders?

In other news, Andrew Peters scored for the first time in over two years and Brian Campbell had his first NHL fight. And I missed it all because of stupid frickin' second job. I desperately wish I could've seen the madhouse that was HSBC Arena when Petey put it in the net. (See, God does hate me.)

The crowd chanting "Peters! Peters!" kills me:


kristin said...

I missed it too because of work, but it was probably for the best since my head nearly exploded when I found out Esche was starting. I mean, I knew we had no chance of beating you guys, but starting Esche?!!? John Stevens is going to feel my wrath!

Any clips of the fight? Nothing is up on nhl.com yet.

Paige said...

Not really anything to do w/ the post other than the Sabres, but I thought it was funny. During a game vs. the Bruins, Chara fired one, and it hit Paille's helmet. Danny was fine, but his helmet was toast. After the game Paille thought it would be a cool keepsake if Chara signed it, so he asked. Zdeno signed it "Nice Block"! Haha, that just cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was Nathan Paetsch that took the shot off the helmet by Chara. But it was still pretty cool.

CapsChick said...

Um, *hides voodoo dolls* it wasn't me...really!