Friday, February 23, 2007

Keep Falling for the Joke, Rook

Not as funny as some of the other things WGR has done, but for Marty
fans it's worth listening to for the "Hey, Lindy" bit stuck in the
middle. Warning: This is clearly coming from the
Buffalo point of view.

The Ottawa Song: Brawling Remix

Also, Marty with the Rookies (of whom there are MANY right now...:::sigh:::)


Paige said...

This is hilarious... I love it; "Hey Lindy!" "yea" "I'm brawling!!!" I'm so proud of them all. But it's looking grim, Lindy thinks it's a concussion.

Paige said...
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Objectionable Conduct said...

The "Hey Lindy" bit would have been funnier if Lindy had replied "What Marty?", but that was some hilarious stuff. Seriously made my day.

BethanyM85 said...

That was hilarious...