Friday, February 23, 2007

Habs 2007 are a somewhat sexy bunch.

On the Canadiens website, they feature shorts where each player answers one questions. One of the ones asked which player would play them in a movie. So instead of drawing my conclusions, see ones that they've approved themselves!

Mathieu Dandenault and Clive Owen

Sheldon Souray & Al Bundy

Chris Higgins & Morgan Freeman

Mike Komisarek & Brad Pitt

Sergei Samsonov & Matt Damon (Don't look at me I didn't choose it!)

Garth Murray & John C Reilly

David Aebischer & Tom Cruise

Aaron Downey & The Rock

Saku Koivu & Craig Rivet

And the storyline for Habs 2007 is exactly like Margee's except with more bikini girls, explosions, guns & sex.


Shan said...

These guys need to look in a mirror sometime. But they can imagine whatever they want if they keep winning!

Jordi said...

I think the most accurate was Garth Murray's but yeah some people like Aaron Downey clearly have delusions of grandeur.

If they win a cup we might as well bring in the whole Oceans Eleven cast and make them do a Habs movie!