Monday, February 26, 2007

Guest Post: Celebrity Look-alikes!

Faithful HLOG reader hockeyteeth has submitted to us some Buffalo Sabres look-alikes for your perusal and approval:

I think the last one is mostly based on hairstyle, right?


Heather B. said...

Just like Jesus, Miller saves! For a proper comparison, you really need a photo of Ryan during last year's playoffs when he had the long hair *and* the shaggy beard. Then the resemblance really was rather startling.

Paige said...

That's sooo mean! Afinogenov is my favorite player, that's a just a bad picture!

I love the one with Briere and the beaver... so funny, I can't beleive I never saw it!

JSO said...

There is a thread over on the letsgopens website titled "caption this". It's a picture of Crosby and someone posted a picture of some actor (I think) named Josh Harnett. They really look alot alike. I'd post it here if I knew how to! Maybe someone else can check it out?