Monday, February 26, 2007

Creative Challenge, Feb. 26 - Mar. 11: Official HLOG Seal

I am so glad to see that a few of us put in the time and effort to do the previous Creative Challenge - kudos!

For this next one I'm thinking we should have an official HLOG seal. Thanks to our fellow HLOGger, Christy from Behind the Jersey for putting me onto this site a loooooong time ago (okay, well, in September) - Official Seal Generator.

The criteria is a little different this time SO PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!

Create a seal of your liking and EMAIL TO THE ADMIN ADDRESS! DON'T POST IT! The deadline for seal submission is March 11. On March 12, I will post all the seals and we will vote on our favourite. They will be put up without the creator's name - this only being revealed when a winner is chosen. Voting will end at midnight EST on Thursday, March 15 with the winning seal being posted for Friday, March 16.

Remember - this is all for fun. No prizes are up, just bragging rights.

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