Friday, January 05, 2007

TheHockeyChick's thoughts on the All-Star Game

First and foremost, I didn't vote for Rory. I also didn't vote for Dan Boyle (personal reasons). I have split feelings about the All-Star Game. The good is the entertaining factor of great players playing together. The bad is it's become a popularity contest moreso than a skill-based competition (thus the reason I didn't vote for Rory). 

I think the NHL hasn't really done much in the way of marketing the All-Star game the way they could or should. There should be more free, player-involved events for fans. I went to the All-Star game in Tampa in '99. I don't recall a lot of free player stuff, and the meet-and-greet dinner/party was super expensive. Although I did get some free meet-and-greet's with a few players thanks to their admiration for bars and drinking (and mine as well -- Chris Pronger looks hilarious when he's dancing to "C'mon Ride that Train").

I went again when it was in Sunrise in '03. There seemed to be more open sessions, but that could very well be because there aren't too many hockey fans in South Florida. So it wasn't like they had to be that protective of the players. Not many people knew who was who.

I do enjoy the shootout competition and all the other events prior to... and it's always entertaining to see who they mic up. Tony Amonte and JR were the best and will be hard to beat.

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